Line Cook Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

Updated on: October 5, 2020
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Line Cook Job Description

A line cook prepares different kinds of food. They also help kitchen workers in the preparation of food items and set up allocated stations for the menu, as instructed by the Chef per set standards.

Additionally, they arrange, prepare, and break down the buffets and food displays while maintaining the uppermost level of hygienic standards.

The following are some standard duties and responsibilities of this professional, which might be efficiently used to build a line cook resume.

Line Cook Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Set up stations and collect all necessary supplies to prepare a menu for service.
  • Weigh and measure ingredients for cooking.
  • Prepare a variety of foods, including meat, seafood, poultry, vegetable, and cold food items.
  • Prepare sauces and garnishes for the allocated station.
  • Cover, date, and correctly store all food items as per safe food-handling procedures.
  • Inform chefs in advance of possible shortages.
  • Serve food in keeping with the standards of the establishment.
  • Ensure the correct temperature of food to make it attractive and tasty.
  • Taste all food items for quality purposes before serving.
  • Use food preparation tools following manufacturer instructions.
  • Close the kitchen correctly and follow the closing checklist for kitchen stations.
  • Maintain an organized and sanitized work area at all times.
  • Make sure all storage areas are tidy, and all products are stored appropriately.
  • Constantly use safe and hygienic food handling practices.
  • Return dirty food preparation utensils to the appropriate areas.
  • Assist staff with other duties as assigned by the kitchen manager.
  • Clean kitchen before and after shift.
  • Sanitize refrigerators and storerooms.
  • Operate and maintain all kinds of kitchen appliances.
  • Perform record keeping and reports generation duties.
  • Order and take delivery of food and supplies.
  • Report any unforeseen circumstances, maintenance needs, or faulty equipment to the manager.
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with staff, guests, and supervisors.

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