Construction Management Job Description Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2021
Construction Management Position Overview

Overseeing construction projects to make sure that proper steps are taken so that the end result is perfect is an important job. Construction managers ensure that all parts of a construction cycle are run properly.

They are explicitly hired to manage a huge part of a construction site, regardless of the type of project.

Construction managers work on both building and road construction projects.

While different projects may require these professionals to perform various duties, their work remains more or less the same.

A construction manager has to make sure that the construction site is prepared and that all construction professionals are in sync with each other as far as understanding project requirements are concerned.

A significant part of a construction manager’s job is to plan, organize, and control the projects under his wing.

This means that he is responsible for the success of every construction project and is accountable for any discrepancies.

Sample Job Description for Construction Management Resume

• Develop construction strategies and goals and provide direction to key players of the construction team

• Ensure that each team member understands the goals properly and provide any additional information that may make it easy for them to comprehend what they need to do

• Oversee activities of each construction project and ensure effective use of resources

• Develop project schedules and hand out work orders to the construction team

• Define individual responsibilities for each construction team member

• Serve as a primary point of contact for inquiries and problem resolution

• Liaise with customers to understand their construction needs and relay information to the work team

• Develop and maintain cost estimates for all construction projects

• Develop and negotiate contracts for civil engineering projects and manage the due diligence process

• Conduct safety inspections of the site to make sure that all is well before a construction project is scheduled to begin

• Layout budgets and ensure that all activities are handled within the allocated budget

• Ensure effective use of resources and make sure that all materials are stored safely at the end of the day

• Make sure that construction equipment is used correctly

• Maintain a safe and secure environment by ensuring proper standards are adhered to

• Assist construction workers in the event of problems during the construction process

• Make quality checks at each stage of the construction process and provide feedback

• Match project requirements with the end product to ensure mission conformity

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