Assistant Construction Superintendent Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2019

Your role as an assistant construction superintendent is important.

And because of it, it is imperative that you write a cover letter that truly exhibits your ability to handle it.


In it, you must ensure that you emphasize your knowledge of overseeing the work of construction workers, ensuring that projects are brought to fruition in a timely manner.

Writing a cover letter for an assistant construction superintendent position can be tricky.

Since you need to highlight exactly what your abilities are, you will first need to make a list.

Make sure that the skills that you have listed align well with the hiring manager’s needs.


This way, you can be sure that your cover letter will be given a once over. Specifically, you should offer information regarding your ability to handle scheduling and oversight tasks.

The following cover letter sample will help you with this:


Assistant Construction Superintendent Cover Letter Example


September 14, 2019

Mr. Danny Tanner
Human Resources Manager
Alpha Construction Company
54 Heat Road
Seattle, WA 10495


Dear Mr. Tanner:

For quite some time, I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to work as an assistant construction superintendent, and have only just come across it. While reading the requirements section of your advertisement, I could not help but align my skills with it. Since the match was perfect, I decided to explore it further. Since I am such a great fit, I am sure that I will be able to do justice to the work.

Over the years that I have worked as an assistant construction superintendent, I have handled many tasks, and have gained much experience. I am particularly well-versed in creating and maintaining worker schedules, ensuring that they work in accordance with set timelines. I am also adept at making sure that job site safety is given priority, by implementing procedures and processes of compliance.

Moreover, I am competent in providing direction and instruction to construction workers, so as to ensure that they work towards a common goal. Additionally, you will find me to be excellent in creating and maintaining work logs, making sure that they are updated on time.

Confident that my skills and abilities will help me contribute to your cause, I will contact your office in order to set up an interview date and time soon. In the meantime, you may reach me at (000) 196-1755 for any further information that you may need.

Thank you for considering my credentials for the Assistant Construction Superintendent job at Alpha Construction Company.




Raymond Clinton

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