Construction Superintendent Resume Summary

Updated on: May 5, 2018

Abrupt resumes are no fun. Hiring managers look for resumes that have good openings.

The resume summary makes this possible.

Leaving it out means you should be ready for rejection.

Think of resume summaries as icebreakers. A hiring manager will get to know who are, and what your professional aspirations are once he or she has gone through your summary statement.

The trick to writing a good Construction Superintendent resume summary is to make sure that you know what it is supposed to say. A summary should consist of information regarding your professional abilities, and how you intend to use them to the benefit of the organization where you are applying.

If this is done correctly, you can be sure that the hiring manager will keep reading your resume, even if the document is sketchy. A summary typically consists of information regarding your work prowess, and how you intend to use it for the betterment of the company where you are applying.

First things first. Find out what the hiring manager needs in terms of skills, competencies, and qualifications. Then match them with your abilities. They don’t match?

Go back to the drawing board, to determine what you can do about this. They do match? Great! Begin writing your resume summary. Here are a few samples of resume summaries for a construction superintendent position:

Construction Superintendent Resume Summary Examples

• Highly skilled and experienced construction superintendent, with extensive comprehension of scheduling workers, and overseeing jobs assigned to them. Exceptionally well-versed in ensuring that projects are built to requirements and specifications, established by construction drawings.

• Construction superintendent, with over seven years of experience in reviewing project plans and specifications, and contacting, scheduling, and coordinating subcontractors, suppliers, and utilities. Demonstrated expertise in performing quality control duties, to ensure that all projects reach fruition.

• Resourceful, dependable, and diligent individual, with 4+ years of experience in working as a construction superintendent. Proven ability to oversee back to back construction projects, placing particular emphasis on meeting deadlines.

• Detail-oriented, systematic, tactful, and productive individual, boasting of 5 years of experience in leading construction teams to handle complex construction projects. Solid track record of coordinating all construction project activities and services, across the assigned construction teams.

• Industrious, adaptable, and perceptive construction superintendent, with exceptionally well-placed leadership skills. Documented success in establishing uniform job site policies and procedures, and establishing, monitoring, and enforcing safety procedures, along with ensuring that quality standards are constantly met.