Construction Superintendent Job Description

Updated on: August 30, 2019

Construction work is complicated and requires the collective effort of many professionals.

He or she is the focal person of contact for any residential or commercial construction project

They are primarily responsible for:

  • making sure that the daily operations of the project are coordinated for project efficacy.
  • handling the project’s schedule to make sure that deadlines are met.
  • control the operating costs on the job site
  • resolve any labor issues

Being on top of the chain of command on a project site, construction superintendents monitor progress and quality of construction work and may serve as a hub of answers for questions that may come forth from contractors.

Since there are many different types of people working on construction projects, problems are a given!

Construction superintendents make sure that when these problems arise, they are immediately handled so that they do not affect the work negatively.

Most companies prefer to hire people who possess a degree in construction when looking for construction superintendents.

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Construction Superintendent Job Description and Duties

• Direct the efforts of field personnel intending to meeting deadlines

• Ensure that all workers are provided with a schedule that they must work on

• Handle labor procurement duties and ensure backups

• Provide workers with information on how a project needs to be completed

• Ensure that each team member is aware of quality standards and company policies

• Make sure that workers are knowledgeable of work ethics and best practices

• Procure materials and equipment and ensure appropriate inventory of both

• Hire and train site workers along with making sure that they understand safety issues

• Create and maintain positive relationships with workers, customers, suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors

• Identify and rectify job hazards on an immediate basis

• Serve as timekeepers for time cards to smooth out payroll activities

• Ensure that all workers on the site work in harmony and attempt to keep conflict at bay

• Intervene during conflicts between members and exercise tact to ward it off

• Verify that each subcontractor has completed the project handed to him

• Ensure that all required permits and licenses are obtained

• Perform inspection of job sites and individual work duties

• Ensure appropriate care and maintenance of construction tools and equipment