Shipping Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: August 30, 2019


Resume writing has evolved into an industry itself during the past couple of years.

Since employers’ preferences keep changing, the correct strategies for writing a Shipping Manager resume also keep changing with time.


It is essential to building your resume in a modern manner so that it competes with the contemporary resumes and beats them.


Below are three golden rules of resume writing that will come in handy:

Give them what they need and only what they need

Your resume has to address all critical skills required for the position, and it must leave out the irrelevant ones.

Choose a complementing format

You are the best person to decide which resume format compliments your profile. Make your choice wisely.

Shine with some achievements

Employers are more impressed by numeric accomplishments than a mere list of advocated skills. Dedicate a showcasing section to your work-related successes.

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Shipping Manager Resume Example


Simon Godwin
655 Sandy Shore, Seabrook, NJ 31001
(003) 222-9444


Success-driven warehouse professional with a record of accomplishment driving increases in profitability and client satisfaction in some warehouse environments. Proven leader with an entrepreneurial can-do attitude and extremely effective management style. Intellectually aggressive in identifying loopholes and setting strategic directions.

• Proficient in meeting and exceeding the established standards for production and shipment quantity and quality.
• Well accustomed to fast-paced environments, extensive and diverse experience in coordinating the shipment of orders, managing high volume warehouses and ensuring the smooth running of shipment operations.
• Full command over inventory levels maintenance and trip log keeping.


– Inventory Control
– Personnel Scheduling
– Order Filling
– Cycle Counting
– Carrier Shipping
– Employee Review
– Distribution Functions
– Voice Picking
– Organization

• Developed and implemented set loading procedures and attained 100% weight accuracy
• Achieved 95% efficiency in the inbound and outbound product through leverage of informed organizational strategies
• Cross-trained 40+ personnel in DOT guidelines and OSHA workplace safety
• Accelerated shipment rates up to 50% by introduction of an ingenious finished product inventory mechanism


Shipping Manager                                                       
CLEMENT, Seabrook, NJ | 2010 – Present

• Coordinate order placement and processing
• Ensure timely and safe dispatch of the ordered shipments
• Monitor and supervise the labeling, picking, selecting and loading teams at the warehouse
• Manage in-house fleet while adhering to DOT regulations

Warehouse Assistant Manager                                       
SEABOARD, Seabrook, NJ | 2004 – 2010

• Maintained accurate driving logs using GPS and issued periodic reports
• Assisted in quality assurance checks
• Assigned warehouse layout and storage tasks to personnel and monitored their performance


Associate of Science in Management
IBS COLLEGE, Seabrook, NJ, 2004

Member: American Society of Warehouse Professionals