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Updated on: March 18, 2020
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Working as a construction apprentice is the first step to making a solid career in construction work.

But to obtain this position, you must write a cover letter to express your interest in the role.

Typically, a construction apprentice’s cover letter should highlight the individual’s interest in learning construction work.

Prior knowledge of how the work is done will come in handy when trying to convince the hiring manager to hire you, but it is not necessary.

Specifically, you must highlight the fact that you possess knowledge of clearing worksites, by removing debris and hazardous objects.

The ability to participate in demolitions should also be mentioned. In addition, your skills in servicing and cleaning machines and equipment used on construction projects should be highlighted in your cover letter.

You may take ideas from the following cover letter sample, written especially for a construction apprentice position:

Construction Apprentice Cover Letter Sample

Johnny Pitt
(000) 352-6702
[email protected]

March 18, 2020

Mr. Joe Albert
Human Resources Manager
Cajun Industries
536 7th Avenue
New York City, NY 64021

Dear Mr. Albert:

I am highly interested in working as a construction apprentice at Cajun Industries, where I am sure that I will learn about the trade, and contribute immediately as well. My interest in construction is inherent, and the will to learn is vast, which is why I am sure that I will be an excellent person to hire.

Possessing some exposure to construction work, I am positive that I will be nothing less than an asset to you. As someone who learns quickly, and will need minimal training in this regard, I am sure that considering me for this role will be ideal.

Please look through the following skills that I offer:

  • Cleaning and clearing debris from work sites.
  • Choosing and delivering the right construction tools and equipment to construction laborers.
  • Using the right amount of raw materials to mix concrete, along with excellent knowledge of pumping concrete, grout, and plaster.
  • Determining traffic control requirements, and performing measures to ensure proper diversions.

As an enthusiastic individual, I am sure that I will learn the ropes immediately, and can begin contributing through my efforts promptly. I believe that we should meet up in person so that you can gauge my suitability for a construction apprenticeship at your organization.

I am available at (000) 352-6702, should you need any further information regarding my skills.


Johnny Pitt

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