Apprentice Cover Letter Format and Guidelines

Updated: September 23, 2021

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Apprenticeship?

No standard cover letter style or template works for an apprentice position.

What works for you depends on how you articulate yourself and your story. That is to say, how much you are enthusiastic about learning the trade and what you will be able to deliver if hired.

A good cover letter for an apprenticeship position should explain why you chose the specific career path and what you did in the past to learn about it.

Furthermore, it sums up some of the main points of your resume. You may highlight what you have learned through your coursework.

Similarly, how you will be able to use your knowledge to contribute to the prospective company.

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Apprentice Cover Letter Format

Your address
City, State, postal code


Full Name of Employer
Title (if suitable and known)
Name of the company
City, province, postal code
Email address (If sending via email)

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name):

First paragraph

Introduce yourself as you have just 20 seconds to convince the hiring manager and make them interested in talking with you in an interview.

Mention your career objective and 3 of the key skills you would bring to their business or company.

Second paragraph

How did you recognize the value of the trade and the skills they need? Did you talk to anybody in the trade?

Did you have any chance to see the deal at work?

Tell the recruiter how you know what you know about the profession. Likewise, tell them why you have selected them for an apprenticeship.

Third paragraph

You know the skills desirable in the trade. Now demonstrate that you have them or have the enthusiasm to learn the same.

This is where you need to give a particular example that you might have stated in your resume. How you learned or demonstrated those skills will be helpful.

Fourth paragraph

Reinstate your interest in the apprenticeship position in a way that entices the reader to call you for an interview. An example could be “I look forward to talking to meeting with you.

If you have any questions or need to contact me for an interview, you can reach me at (phone number).”

Keep in mind, if you offered to contact them on your own, do it when you promised to. The recruiter may be waiting for your call or email to see if you follow up on your promises.


(Your Signature)
[Your Typed Name]


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