The job of an apprentice carpenter is to help lead carpenters in performing menial tasks such as handing tools and cleaning spaces for work. While this job requires an individual to watch more than actual working, the opportunity to learn is quite amazing.

Since every carpentry job is broken down in different stages, a carpenter will want his apprentice to look at each stage carefully to learn the process as a whole. Apprentice carpenters are expected to mix glue solutions, assist in flooring and even laying building foundations under the direct supervision of a carpenter.

This is an interesting line of work to choose if you are thinking to make a career in building and construction.

The following cover letter gives you an idea of how to write a cover letter when applying for this Apprentice Carpenter position.


Apprentice Carpenter Cover Letter Sample


200 Rock Springs Road
Jackson Gap, AL 77777
Cell: (303) 333-3333

July 26, 2015

Mr. James Herald
Manager Human Resources
Building Rocks
690 Fairview Road
Jackson Gap, AL 77444


Dear Mr. Herald:

My interest in shop class at school has triggered such fascination for this work that I would now like to pursue it as a career. Acknowledging the reputation of your company as being the best in the construction business, I would like to acquire an Apprentice Carpenter position at Building Rocks where I can provide you the advantage of my enthusiasm and acquired knowledge in this work.

My interest for fashioning creations from pieces of wood is intense to say the least. I have not reached my potential even the slightest while doing projects for school. My aspiration is to build sophisticated wooden structures for which I have both ideas and acumen which needs to be polished somewhat.

I am well versed in reading blueprints and handling tools and machinery which is commonly used in carpentry work. I am also familiar with the more mundane tasks of repairing and installing windows and doors.

I believe that my skills can be best explained in person which is why we should meet soon. I will call you to ask when a suitable time for you will be as I am available for an immediate interview. Thank you for your time in reading this.



Bruno Judd

Enc. Resume