Apprentice Carpenter Resume

Updated on November 26, 2015

When you are applying for an apprenticeship, the need to impress doubles. And rightly so. Even if the employer is hiring you for a position that requires minimal or no experience, you will still be chosen from a pool of candidates who are equally good or even better at what the employer wants them to do. Does that make you nervous? It should, because when you know that you have competition, you will endeavor to create a masterpiece of a resume.

Impressing an employer at this level is not an easy thing to do. If he is to choose you from a group of highly qualified people, your resume has to be classy, written in a manner that the employer wants you to. Of course, no advertisement will state that the company wants a resume constructed in a certain way – what you have to do is follow your instinct and make sure that the information you present on your resume is to the point, and absolutely relevant to the position that you are applying for.

Speaking of relevance, put in information that will help the employer decide that he wants to hire you. Even at an apprenticeship level, you may have some volunteer experience that you will want the employer to know. Don’t be shy in mentioning it.

For an apprentice carpenter position, take a look at the resume sample that follows:

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Apprentice Carpenter Resume Sample


Carl Ford

823 115th Avenue NE ● Osnabrock, ND 85258 ● (000) 747-1454 ● @ email . com


SUMMARY: Focused and organized individual with a great eye for detail. Highly skilled in cutting and shaping timber to create floorboards and window frames. Well-versed in fitting wooden structures building foundations. Talented in:

• Studying specifications detailed in blueprints and sketches to prepare project layouts and determine dimensions
• Shaping and cutting materials to set measurements by safely using hand tools and power saws
• Installing structures and fixtures including windows, frames and floorings
• Performing repairing work on cabinets, doors, frameworks and wooden structures by efficiently using power tools

Associate of Arts in Carpentry


• Hand and Power Tools Application• Blueprint Reading
• Construction Materials• House Construction
• Residential Estimating• Measurement for Woodworking
• Concrete Construction• Exterior Finish
• Interior Finish• Computer Assisted Estimating


• Frameworks Construction• Rigging Hardware Use• Advanced Power Tools
• Blueprints Recognition• Safety Precautions• Tools Calibration
• Lumber Types• Building Codes• Sequence Planning


OSNABROCK HIGH SCHOOL, Osnabrock, ND (1/2015 to 5/2015)
Carpenter Apprentice

• Provided logistic support to shop class teacher by measuring and cutting wood and plastic
• Prepared project layouts and selected and procured required materials
• Used chisels, planes and drills to repair and erect project structures
• Created cabinets and furniture items using wood pieces and nails, screws and adhesives
• Provided students with information on safety procedures and precautions while using power and hand tools

REFERENCES available on request