Construction Carpenter Resume Sample

Updated on: September 18, 2020

Building an impressive Construction Carpenter resume takes effort, especially if you want to succeed by standing apart from the crowd. In order to make an effective resume, you have to add the following information in it:

  • Ability to install frameworks, structures, and fixtures.
  • Proficiency in identifying damaged structures.
  • Able to perform the necessary repairs using the right tools.
  • Proficiency in reading and understanding blueprints.

Let us move on to a construction carpenter resume sample. Take a look!

Sample Resume for Construction Carpenter Position

Nick Franken
790 Austin Street, Greer, SC 29537
(000) 321-9876
nick.f @ email . com

 ❖❖ Construction Carpenter ❖❖

Highly creative, self-motivated, and reliable individual with extensive experience in performing flawless carpentry work in the construction arena. Proactive time management skills combined with highly developed organizational abilities and a special talent to prioritize workload. Background includes the repair and construction of building frameworks and structures, including stairways, doorframes, partitions, and rafters.

• Demonstrated expertise in using a variety of resources such as wood and fabricated materials
• Familiar with established construction safety rules and regulations of the workplace
• Focused on constructing carpentry projects keeping quality and specifications conformity in mind

– Measurement tools
– Blueprints reading
– Repair work
– Customer Service
– Finishing and Remodeling
– Earthquake preparedness
– Modular furniture
– Federal Codes
– Power and hand tools

• Successfully constructed an entire wooden facade of a building over 2 acres within the short deadline of 8 months.
• Introduced a series of earthquake preparedness training programs for carpenter apprentices.
• Renovated the interior of a restaurant within 2 months, completely changing the ceramic interior and replacing it with a wooden one.
• Implemented a supplies inventory system that reduced downtime (brought on by waiting for supplies to be delivered) by 66%.


Construction Carpenter
Dolyn Companies, Inc., Greer, SC | 6/2012-Present

• Work on 5+ construction projects per month with a team of 50+ personnel
• Look through work orders to determine the type and logistics of construction project
• Study blueprints to understand how carpentry work will be carried out
• Confer with the construction team to decipher methods for handling carpentry work
• Delegate work to apprentices and helpers by assigning them specific duties
• Construct, erect, install, form and repair wooden structures and fixtures
• Perform layout work from designated points and elevations given in blueprints
• Operate hand and power tools and powder-actuated equipment
• Erect scaffolding and ladders for assembling structures and remove defective and damaged wooden panels
• Select and order lumber and other supplies for carpentry projects
• Perform finishing activities on surfaces using paints and polishes
• Assist in preparing costs for customers and arrange for the services of subcontractors

Carpenter Apprentice
Swogier Construction, Greer, SC | 1/2010-5/2012

• Assisted in erecting scaffolding and ladders
• Cleaned work areas and made sure that they were free from debris and hazardous materials
• Measured and market cutting lines on materials
• Shaped and cut materials to specified measurements
• Assisted in assembling fastened materials to make frameworks and props
• Provided assistance in painting and polishing finished surfaces

Restaurant Waiter


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