Carpenter Apprentice Resume Sample

Updated on: February 22, 2022

Entry-level resumes or those that show a change in career direction need to be written in a slightly different way than a resume that speaks volumes for someone’s experience. 

The essence is the same – the execution is not.

When you write a resume for an apprentice position, you need to emphasize your skills not experience – if there is any.

It is possible that you may be an experienced individual but your experience lies in another industry.

In such a case, you will still need to tone down your resume and make sure that you do not put in any unrelated information.

An individual applying for a carpenter apprentice position does not really need to put in information regarding a sales job in the past.

Since we are talking about carpenter apprentices, let us take a look at a resume sample for a carpenter apprentice:

Sample Resume for Carpenter Apprentice Position

Terry Sullivan
7895 Blue Spruce Lane, Altoona, PA 18373
(000) 965-5214
tersul@ email . com


A dedicated and hardworking Carpenter Apprentice, seeking a position at ABC company. Eager to utilize knowledge of constructing and repairing building frameworks and structures. Well-versed in following blueprints and building plans to meet specifications provided by the client. 

• Carrying out measurements and calculations to determine dimensions and needed materials.
• Erecting and dismantling restricted height scaffolding and carrying out leveling operations.
• Using a variety of carpentry tools such as saws, hammers, chisels, and circular and drive saws.
• Clearing work areas to ensure that no hazardous materials are present and that sites are ready on time.

Associate of Applied Science in Carpentry Technology
City College, Altoona, PA – 2020


Carpentry Intern
 ABC Company, Altoona, PA
• Assisted shop teacher in imparting carpentry instruction by providing support in creating and implementing shop lessons.
• Used carpentry tools and equipment to assist students in creating small works out of wood such as chairs and tables.
• Assisted in handling minor repairs around the school building such as repairing cupboards and lockers.
• Performed minor electrical repairs in and around the school to assist with overall maintenance and repair functions.

• Site Safety
• Repair/Maintenance
• Framing
• Wood Shaping
• Damage Assessment
• Site Layout
• Fabrication
• Concrete Mixing
• Cladding
• Building Codes
• Estimating
• Blueprint Reading
• Framing
• Cabinet Making

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