7 Scaffolder Career Objective Examples for Resume

Updated on: January 5, 2021
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A scaffolder’s resume objective should be clear and crisp so that it can tell the hiring manager what an applicant can do.

Also, the objective should primarily host a string of skills that you possess, adding experience and accomplishments when necessary. Since a hiring manager will decide what an individual is capable of doing mostly from the resume objective, it is imperative to make it a strong one.

As a scaffolder, most of your skills will be in what you can do physically. Your knowledge of putting up and taking down scaffolds, and the ability to ensure the safety of workers should be put into your resume objective.

You should also mention what you know about construction work in your resume objective so that the hiring manager can determine what your capabilities are at first glance.

When writing a Scaffolder resume objective statement, make sure that you highlight your skills in handling physically demanding work.

Here are some examples of scaffolder career objectives that you can look through for reference:

7 Sample Objectives for Scaffolder Resume

1. Physically strong Scaffolder with over 6 years of experience working on construction projects. Presently seeking a challenging position at American Scaffold.

2. Results-oriented Scaffolder with 5+ years of solid track record in building scaffolding, and fixing it to buildings or structures. Looking for a position at Tai Poutini Polytechnic. Able to follow the necessary guidelines, protocols, and safety measures at all times.

3. Seeking a challenging position as a Scaffolder. Offering excellent ability to put up scaffolding poles, and attaching horizontal tubes by using the correct tools and equipment. Skilled in fixing guard rails, and safety nets, and setting base plates at regular intervals.

4. Strong desire to obtain a position as a Scaffolder with Mc Dermot. Leveraging expertise in putting up scaffolds, rigs, guard rails, and plants. Highly efficient in delivering scaffolding equipment to construction sites, and providing them with information on using them correctly.

5. Seeking a position as a Scaffolder at Brand Safeway. Bringing an unmatched ability to design and preplan scaffold by checking weight limitations, scaffolding types, and fall protection. Able to inspect scaffolds after alterations have been made in order to ensure their safety. Excellent knowledge of overseeing and inspecting mobile scaffolds to ensure safety.

Entry Level Scaffolder Objectives Examples

If you are an entry-level scaffolder with less or no experience in hand, you can use the following objective statements.

6. To work as a Scaffolder for ABC Company. Leveraging extensive knowledge of setting up and taking down scaffolding in a safe manner. Proficient in following safety measures in order to perform scaffolding tasks.

7. Seeking a Scaffolder position with Scaffolding Engineering. Skilled in inspecting scaffolding components prior to assembly to ensure quality work. Able to inspect scaffolding after putting it up to ensure safety and sturdiness.

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