Debt Collector Interview Questions and Answers

Updated April 11, 2017


There is a reason that interviews are designed to be tough. An interviewer needs to know what an applicant is worth when it comes to his or her ability to work, or even simply exist in a tough work environment. This information is what helps interviewers decide if the candidate has any worth at all.

For the interviewee, it is imperative to take the process seriously. This means that a candidate who gets complacent at this stage never wins interviews. A prepared candidate is a successful one. To help you with your interview preparation, here is a set of interview questions and answers:


Debt Collector Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you feel that you are an excellent person to hire as a debt collector?
I have over 6 years of experience working as a debt collector. In addition to experience, I am well-versed in strategizing ways to connect with debtors and solicit payment. The last 4 years that I have worked as a debt collector, I have been successful in closing all accounts assigned to me. I’m quite sure that I will be a great addition to your organization.

What are the few main duties that you expect you will be performing as a debt collector if hired by us?
Creating lists of delinquent accounts and sorting them to prioritize clients, contacting debtors through telephone, email and in person to solicit payments from them, sending out reminders, and ensuring that all payments are properly logged so that accounts can be closed out, are some of the main duties I expect to be performing as a debt collector.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge of working as a debt collector?
The entire work of a debt collector is challenging. What I find most irksome is when debtors go into hiding, making the process longer than expected.

How do you ensure your success in situations such as when clients go into hiding?
Part of the work of a debt collector is to investigate the whereabouts of debtors. I have great investigative skills which make it somewhat easy for me to locate clients, by going through official and unofficial channels!

What makes working as a debt collector worth your while?
The work is fascinating as it offers so many challenges. There is very little boredom, as every day is always a new one!

What did you decide to take up the work of a debt collector in the first place?
I have always felt that my follow-up skills are excellent. This coupled with an inherent interest to do something challenging on a daily basis is what made me pick up this work, and make a career out of it!