Coder Resume Sample

Updated on: February 13, 2022

The key to writing a great resume for a coder position is to make sure that you understand what is being asked in the job description.

When you are well-versed with the demands of a prospective employer, your resume writing endeavors become more streamlined than they would be otherwise.

Once you understand what you have to write, you can use the following coder resume sample for reference.

Coder Resume Example

Stacy Leon
5525 Memorial Drive
Watertown, WI 88002 
(000) 635-8542
staclee @ email . com


Dedicated and goal-focused Coder with a 15-plus-year track record of coding patient diagnosis and effectively requesting payments for insurance companies. Recognized for precision in organizing and verifying patients’ records, bills, and statements and efficiently punching them into predefined systems.

• Effectively auditing medical records to ensure proper submission of services prior to billing.
• Supplying correct ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM diagnoses on all supplied diagnoses.
• Auditing medical records to ascertain that proper coding is completed and that conformance to federal and state regulations is ensured.
• Performing comprehensive reviews of all records to assure the presence of all required components as part of quality assurance procedures.


City Clinic, Watertown, WI
(6/2012 – Present)
• Enter 15000 medical records manually into a newly implemented electronic system within 2 days.
• Decipher a problematic patient record (which had no information associated with it) by employing investigative skills and determining that it was made in error.
• Assign codes for diagnostics and treatments by following appropriate classification systems.
• Ensure that each medical record is complete and accurate by running accuracy checks on it.
• Extract required information from source documentation so that it can be entered into the abstracting system.
• Prepare and review patients’ statements and ensure that any delinquent accounts are picked up for follow-up purposes.

Medical Coder
Sava Healthcare, Watertown, WI
(5/2008 – 6/2012)
• Implemented a series of quality assurance checks which reduced data entry errors by 85%.
• Acquired commendation for “the aptest coding procedures performed by an employee in 2 years” by meticulously handling medical coding procedures, following quality control standards.
• Recorded patients’ data including treatment records, insurance information, bills, and payments.
• Set up payment plans for patients, especially for delinquent accounts to expedite outstanding payments.
• Audited records to ensure appropriate submission of services and determine final diagnosis and procedures stated by healthcare providers.
• Evaluated each record to ensure that it was complete and comprehensive.
• Ensured that any missing information was derived from source documents or healthcare providers/doctors.

Billing & Coding Intern
Mercy Health, Watertown, WI
(1/2006 – 5/2008)
• Collected patient information so that it could be verified by the coder.
• Assisted in verifying patient information by running records through doctors or healthcare providers.
• Handled data entry tasks by ensuring that each record was properly and accurately entered into the system.
• Assisted in validating codes and charges and flagged errors for review.
• Extracted needed information from patient documentation to provide the basis for patient diagnosis.

Specialized 35 Hours Training in Medical Billing and Coding – 2006
Community College, Watertown, WI

High School Diploma – 2005
City High School, Watertown, WI

– Data Entry
– CPT Coding
– Medical Records Auditing
– Quantitative Analysis
– Diagnosis Determination
– Billing Practices
– Error Examination
– Codebook Resources
– Code Compliance
– Medical Records Management
– Validation
– Revenue Cycle Management