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7 Medical Coder Interview Questions and Answers

Tense because you need to appear for a medical coder interview soon? Don’t be. Just prepare for questions that you may be asked at the interview. Confused? No problem! Just go through the following set of interview questions and answers for a medical coder position: 7 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Medical Coder 1. What inspired… Read More »

Certified Professional Coder Resume Sample

Writing a resume from scratch to apply for Certified Professional Coder job that you have your heart set on is an excellent idea since you will be getting a lot of ideas this way. Here is a format that you can use:       Certified Professional Coder Resume Example     Greta Garner 8… Read More »

HCC Coder Cover Letter Sample

Whether you are responding to a job advertisement for hcc coder position or trying to uncover an opportunity in the hidden job market, your cover letter has to rock. As a self-marketing tool, the cover letter is a great way for you to communicate what you want to offer, and how what you offer will… Read More »

HCC Coder Resume Sample

Overview Use of technology can never impress a hiring manager as well as a good quality, personally written resume can. Your resume speaks loudly about who you are and what you have to offer. Remember that no matter how eye-popping technology is, it won’t provide a cover to a weak resume. If your resume contains… Read More »

HCC Coder Skills for Resume

It is up to you really, to make yourself obvious to a hiring manager in your resume. Consider it good luck that the resume is a comprehensive document that allows you to say a lot of things in great detail. Since how skilled you are is of the utmost importance to a hiring manager, make… Read More »

HCC Coder Job Description for Resume

An HCC coder is an individual who reviews medical charts to perform coding work, and ensures that compliance with established protocols and procedures are maintained, by medical facilities where he or she is commissioned. To work as an HCC coder, you must be certified through AHIMA or AAPC, and possess at least a few years… Read More »