Outpatient Coder Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: January 2, 2021

The Outpatient Coder resume writing battle regarding which type is the best will probably go on and on forever. It is your job as a serious candidate not to give in to this hype. Stay away from people (and websites) who tell you that more is better.

Where resumes are concerned, less information that can make a great impact is what matters most. The relevance of information is what makes the resume world go around.

The more closely you relate your resume to the requirements of an employer, the better your employment chances.

See the example below to get ideas on how to write a perfect resume for an outpatient coder position.

Sample Resume for Outpatient Coder Position

Serena Williams
12 23rd Avenue E, Seattle, WA 44658
(000) 141-4121 
serwil @ email . com


Top-performing Outpatient Coder with over 12 years’ experience in examining patients’ medical charts and recording and assigning appropriate codes to various treatments and services. Highly skilled in communicating with nurses, doctors, and billing clerks to derive accurate information, to ensure the integrity of punched in data. Recognized for assigning Level 1 and CPT-4 modifiers to procedures to maximize reimbursement.

• Diagnosis Verification
• CPT and ICD-9
• Billing Systems Management
• Technical Coding Principles
• Information Abstraction
• Evaluation and Analysis 


Outpatient Coder
Peak Health Solutions, Seattle, WA
11/2012 – Present
• Reorganize the outpatient coding system and make it more efficient by streamlining information inflow
• Successfully reconcile a patient data form, by quickly identifying problems in coding and changing the information before submitting it for insurance approval
• Train 2 groups of hew hires in handling CPT and ICD-9 coding as part of their induction process
• Assign codes for diagnosis, procedures, and treatments according to specified classification systems
• Use technical coding principles to assign appropriate ICD-9-CM diagnosis
• Identify chargeable items for outpatient visits and ensure that they are properly entered into the system
• Perform reviews of records to assure that all component parts are present, including name, health record number, and signatures

Outpatient Coder 
Careworks, Seattle, WA
11/2005 – 11/2012
• Implemented a novel diagnosis verification system which decreased patient data analysis time by 55%
• Coded and posted hospital and office procedures such as professional and facilities fees
• Ascertained that final diagnosis as stated by the physician was valid
• Completed and reflected rendered care and treatment
• Analyzed provider documentation to ensure that appropriate evaluation and management levels are assigned
• Reviewed punched in records for discrepancies
• Ensured that any identified problems are resolved immediately

Coding Intern 
Careworks, Seattle, WA
12/2004 – 11/2005
• Collected outpatient coding data information and ensured that it was properly organized
• Punched inpatient data into the predefined system by ensuring that proper codes are followed
• Verified that diagnosis assigned by physicians is in accordance to procedural codes
• Assigned Level 1 and CPT4 modifiers to procedures to ensure maximization of insurance reimbursement
• Ascertained that procedures documented on encounter forms are properly verified

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
Stratford College, Seattle, WA – 2002