Structural Welder Resume Example

Updated on: October 5, 2016

Structural Welder Resumes are not only about what you have done in the past. They are also about what you can do in the future.

While they essentially possess information of just the past, they do need to indicate that you are able to replicate your past accomplishments in the future as well, using the skills that you developed over the years.

So it is important to make sure that your resume reflects this. And this is how you would create a resume of this sort:


Structural Welder Resume Example


Max Hogan

5545 Aircraft Avenue, Layton, UT 05658 | (000) 210-1542 | maxhog @ email . com


Performance Summary: Dedicated and hardworking fabrication professional with hands-on experience of laying out, positioning and securing parts and assemblies to structures by using a combination of materials and tools. Qualified to use straightedges, combination squares, calipers and rulers to measure and perform assembly fixing work.

• Talented to perform set-up and material handling duties to ensure availability of both materials and space
• Deep insight into examining workpieces for defects or damages and ensuring that all pieces conform to specifications and standards
• Demonstrated ability to study blueprints effectually to determine job requirements and specifications


• Workplace Safety • Hand and Power Tools • Location Precision
• Repair and Maintenance • Material Cutting • Non-code  Welding
• Structure Inspection • Metal Dressing • Amperage Adjustment
• Design Techniques • Quality Control • Blueprints Study

• Acted as a key person in erecting the State Bridge, considered the largest in the county
• Repaired an entire section of a skyscraper by performing welding and fabrication work within the record time of 3 days
• Prevented a major catastrophe from taking place by determining a crack in a bridge and closing it off before it collapsed, thereby saving many lives
• Trained an entire batch of welder apprentices in effectively studying blueprints and handling structure inspection procedures


OCEANEERING, Layton, UT (6/2011 to Present)
Structural Welder

• Study blueprints to determine requirements for welding and create plans to determine work processes
• Assessed need for types of materials and equipment needed for each welding process and ensure that it is made available
• Ascertain that all acquired materials, tools and equipment are in sync with the set cost
• Inspect worksites such as bridges and skyscrapers to determine need for welding
• Weld structural steel in required positions by safely operating tools and equipment
• Clamp, hold and bolt component parts to ensure conformance to configurations and specifications
• Hoist and position steel in place into the set framework and connect steel columns and beams
• Fasten bars together and place spacers to lift bars off the deck
• Ensure that all workplace safety rules and regulations are followed / implemented to ensure worker safety

NOVA GROUP, Layton, UT (1/2008 to 5/2011)
Welder Apprentice

• Followed instructions for cleaning and preparing worksites for welding work to be conducted
• Gathered tools, equipment and materials to be used for each welding module
• Held parts together so that they could be properly welded and positioned
• Drilled holes into steel bars using designated equipment and cut bars using shears and torches
• Assisted in installing stairs and railings and tightened cables using jacking equipment

High School Diploma