The healthcare industry requires the expertise of certified people to help make it run smoothly. Certified coding specialists are people who have an associate’s degree medical billing and coding. They are hired after an initial training period to ensure that they are ready for work. People who work as certified coding specialists need to possess great insight into both surgical and procedural terminology associated with healthcare.

To work as a certified coding specialist, one needs to be very thorough; one error in handling a coding activity can lead to a change in how a patient’s healthcare record may look like. If this is the line of work that you are qualified for, the following resume example can help you design your own resume.


Certified Coding Specialist Resume Example


Patrick Saint

901 Allds Street, Nashua, NH 03019
Cellular: (999) 999-9999, Email:


Attentive, methodical certified coding specialist with two years’ supportable experience. Working knowledge of medical terminology, pharmacology and surgical procedures. Hands on experience in translating patient information into popularly accepted numerical codes. Keen insight into insurance claim submission procedures.

▬ HCPCS▬ Medicare▬ Medicaid

• Reorganized the medical coding procedure by introducing an online system that cut the code punching time by 50%
• Trained 22 newly hired personnel for medical coding activities
• Reduced chances of interruption during peak coding times by training coding personnel to stay focused which increased productivity by 20 within the first 5 months
• Held several educational seminars to provide coding professionals with knowledge of standards and rules of CPT, ICD-9 and CMS


Nova Healthcare, Nashua, NH | May 2010 – Present

Coding Specialist
• Handle development of new coding policies and procedures
• Ensure accuracy of coded services and make sure that they are complete
• Manage accurate and timely ICD-9 and CPT code selection in accordance to services performed
• Handle reviewing duties aimed at claims accuracy and coding compliance
• Ensure that patient statements are properly reviewed
• Assist in processing payments from insurance companies
• Handle organization of patient charts and follow upon claims
• Investigate reasons for rejected claims and handle paperwork for refilling claims
• Assist in investigating insurance frauds and take appropriate measures to report them

The Healthcare Place| Nashua, NH | January 2009 – May 2010

Medical Coder
• Ensure corrected input of patient demographic, insurance and physician information
• Handle confirmations of insurance verifications
• Enter CPT and ICD-9 coding into predefined medical databases
• Ensure that all codes are entered in accordance to company policies and procedures
• Double check entered information to ensure accuracy
• Make sure that any discrepancies are addressed to immediately
• Handle updates on documentation associated with completion of coding activities


AS, Medical Coding | New Hampshire College, Nashua, NH

CPC Certification | Accredited by NCCA