Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Cover Letter Example

Updated March 17, 2021
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Aircraft maintenance engineers play a significant role as far as aircraft safety is concerned. There is no way an aircraft can be permitted for takeoff without the go-ahead of an aircraft maintenance engineer.

They are specially trained in handling both maintenance and repair work on aircraft. 

They make sure that everything is in order and the plane is safe to fly the distance that it is scheduled to.

Technically, aircraft maintenance engineers perform many diagnostic and troubleshooting activities on aircraft before and after the flight.

People wanting to work at this position need to be appropriately certified and backed up by some years of real-time experience.

They also need to be familiar with standard aviation concepts and protocols that govern aircraft maintenance procedures.

The cover letter example below will give you a good idea of what needs to be written when applying for the position of the aircraft maintenance engineer.

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Sample Cover Letter for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Position

Paul Harris
67 Webster Street, Jaffrey, NH 89273
(000) 000-3333
[email protected]

March 17, 2021

Mr. Henry Hamilton
Manager of Human Resources
Avionics Inc.
738 Highland Avenue
Jaffrey, NH 72223

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

This letter is an active expression of interest in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer position at Avionics Inc.

I was coined “King of Piston and Turbine Engines” in my role as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at my previous company, owing to exceptional knowledge of the mechanics of these great aircraft engine types. It is this expertise and experience that I would now like to extend to Avionics Inc. by applying for a similar position here.

Maintenance, modification, and repair – these are my niche as I have been trained in all three separately and quite thoroughly. To indulge in more detail, I possess in-depth knowledge of aircraft maintenance procedures and inspection systems along with enjoying a complete understanding of aircraft materials and parts.

My training in aircraft maintenance was intense to the extent that I am now an expert in the following vital aspects of the job:

– Rules and regulations governing acceptance of materials and parts
– Safety precautions including fire prevention on aircrafts
– Adept in using measuring and testing instruments

I believe that substantiating airworthiness is of the utmost importance for any aircraft and I have the knack for selecting and recording pertinent data required to do this. As far as personal suitability is concerned, I enjoy technical and engineering activities immensely and have perfect hand-eye coordination, which goes a long way in assisting me with my work.

I have included a copy of my aircraft maintenance license and certificate and my resume with this letter. I am positive that going through my credentials will bring up many questions regarding my career successes, which I will be happy to answer at the interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Paul Harris

Enc. Resume

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