Medical Billing Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 16, 2022
Position Overview

A medical billing specialist ensures that a medical facility’s billing work is done on time and in an accurate manner.

These individuals are responsible for collecting, posting, and managing account payments, and submitting claims to insurance companies.

The basic idea behind hiring a medical billing specialist is to expedite the medical billing process and ensure that any delinquent accounts or patient debts are managed so that they do not negatively affect the facility.

Position Requirements

Usually, certification as a medical biller or a degree in a related field is sufficient to work as a medical billing specialist.

However, many high school graduates also work their way up to working as a medical billing specialists, after having worked as coding and billing clerks.

The primary qualification of a medical billing specialist is the ability to work well with numbers and establish and maintain productive work relationships with their teams and external agencies.

In addition to this, it is essential for people aspiring to work as medical billing specialists to understand collection and follow-up processes and possess some knowledge of business office procedures.

Here is a list of some of the duties that a medical billing specialist performs on any typical workday.

You may use these statements to build a resume for the medical billing specialist position.

Sample Job Description for Medical Billing Specialist Resume

• Receive and sort payments and invoices by paying particular attention to their credibility.

• Ensure the status of accounts and balances and identify any issues such as discrepancies and inconsistencies.

• Oversee the issuance of bills, receipts and invoices and ensure that any problems are identified and resolved immediately.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with insurance companies to ensure timely submission of claims.

• Follow-up on submitted claims to ensure that they are paid on time and make sure that any denied claims are resubmitted on time.

• Look through delinquent accounts to determine outstanding payments and follow up with clients/patients to ensure that they are paid on time.

• Oversee the work of medical billing clerks to ensure that posting and data entry duties are managed appropriately.

• Prepare daily deposits accurately after ensuring that payments are obtained from insurance companies and clients.

• Identify and resolve patient billing problems and complaints by investigating issues and ensuring that they do not occur again.

• Evaluate patients’ financial statuses and create payment plans according to their ability to pay.

• Provide billing clerks with information and training on billing procedures and protocols and oversee their work to ensure that they follow them appropriately.