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Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Resume

All employers prefer proactive and dynamic medical billing and coding professionals who are equipped with updated knowledge regarding the latest trends in the medical field. These qualities should be reflected in the candidates’ resumes. If you apply for a position with the above demands with a conventional and old-fashioned resume format, the prospective employer will… Read More »

Certified Coding Specialist Resume Example

The healthcare industry requires the expertise of certified people to help make it run smoothly.  Certified coding specialists are people who have an associate’s degree in medical billing and coding. They are hired after an initial training period to ensure that they are ready for work. Certified coding specialists need to possess great insight into both… Read More »

Certified Coding Specialist Cover Letter Sample

In order to make sure that each aspect of the healthcare industry run correctly, many professionals are hired to handle the different activities of a healthcare facility. Where medical coding is concerned, certified coding specialists are specially employed to oversee and perform coding activities. Since there is a high need for accuracy in this work,… Read More »