Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated: April 11, 2022

After spending hours of effort on building an exceptional resume for the medical billing and coding specialist position, candidates often make the crucial mistake of overlooking a cover letter.

As a matter of fact, a cover letter is a tool that helps your resume get noticed in the competitive job market. Therefore, never undermine its importance.

How to Write a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Cover Letter?

Personal Yet Professional

A cover letter for medical billing and coding position needs personalization. You have to relate your billing and coding skills to the needs of the prospective employer. Also, it is important to remember that the cover letter is a formal document, therefore, its tone must be professional.

Use Their Tone

Learn about the prospective employer and phrase your letter in a manner that can instantly help them relate your candidacy with the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist position.

Show Your Value

Be very specific and clear in communicating the unique value you will bring to their organization. Support your claims by mentioning previous quantified professional medical billing and coding achievements.

Below is a professional cover letter sample for medical billing and coding specialist resume.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Cover Letter Example

Adrienne Gregory
6 Yale Ave, San Jose, CA 75441
(000) 415-4547
adrienne @ email . com

April 11, 2022

Ms. Claire Mclean
HR Manager
South Bay Hospital
Hover’s Lane
San Jose, CA 75441

Dear Ms. Mclean:

Your advertisement in the California Times for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist seems to perfectly match my qualifications. The combination of my strong billing and coding background and relevant experience will help me surpass your expectations.

Please allow me to highlight some of my skills and competencies that relate to your requirements:

  • Well-versed with pre-billing coding and data integration protocols.
  • Adept at the translation of medical codes for accurate bill generation.
  • Strong expertise in ICD 9/10, CPT, and HCPS Level I and II coding.
  • AHIMA and AAPC Certified

As obvious from the strengths mentioned above, my profile is a perfect fit for your needs. My strong talents in insurance claims processing, intersystem code translation, and invoice generation set me apart from others.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position with you in detail. I may be contacted at (000) 415-4547 to arrange a meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Adrienne Gregory

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