Coding Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated March 3, 2017

A coding manager is hired primarily to look after the operational needs of the coding department, within a health facility. The main responsibility of a person working at this position is making sure that all medical coding work is carried out according to set protocols and procedures, keeping both accuracy and timeliness in mind.

Working as a coding manager means that you will need at least some experience in handling coding work. In addition to this, a degree in health services management and a medical coding certification is of great importance if this is what you intend to do. Mostly, a coding manager works in a supervisory role, but it is possible that he or she has to perform some coding work him or herself as well. Developing and maintaining an organizational structure to maximize effectiveness of quality and productivity of coding functions is also one of the prime duties of a coding manager. Also, a coding manager is responsible for ensuring that all coding employees can easily access and utilize information that they need to perform coding functions.

Since you will be working in a supervisory role, it is important for you to possess exceptional leadership skills, and the ability to handle discrepancies and problems with urgency. Here is a list of some of the duties that you will be performing in a coding manager position:

Coding Manager Job Description for Resume

• Interview, hire and train medical coders to perform medical coding work in accordance with specific standards and procedures

• Develop, coordinate and provide training sessions for new coding programs

• Oversee the work of medical coders to ensure that they are working in accordance to the specifics provided to them

• Develop and enhance coding policies, procedures and standard operating procedures to ensure proper work order

• Establish communication between coding and other departments, paying special attention to quality of information exchanged

• Identify mitigation strategies and take a proactive approach to resolving issues and addressing complaints

• Teach and mentor coders in conjunction with compliance for company and industry best practices

• Manage troubleshooting activities that originate in the coding department before they can affect the department in a negative manner

• Perform medical coding activities during staff shortages, or intense work processes

• Ascertain the security and accuracy of punched in records by ensuring that they are periodically overseen

• Handle delinquent accounts by contacting patients or insurance companies for clarity and payment

• Create and maintain medical records systems that are designed to keep all data confidential, and provide alerts during instances of inconsistencies