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HCC Coder Skills for Resume

It is up to you really, to make yourself obvious to a hiring manager in your resume. Consider it good luck that the resume is a comprehensive document that allows you to say a lot of things in great detail. Since how skilled you are is of the utmost importance to a hiring manager, make… Read More »

30 HCC Coder Interview Questions and Answers

Navigating the complexities of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding requires in-depth knowledge, precision, and a commitment to compliance. For professionals seeking employment or advancement in this field, preparing for interviews is crucial. This guide compiles 30 essential HCC coder interview questions, accompanied by well-crafted answers that touch upon various aspects of HCC coding, including its… Read More »

Outpatient Coder Job Description and Duties for Resume

Outpatient Coder Job Description Outpatient coders are actually medical coders who assign medical codes to procedures and services for patients in an outpatient department of a hospital or medical facility. They may work in outpatient wards in general or specialty hospitals, depending on their specific roles. Where regular medical coders perform coding services for every… Read More »