General Hand Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 20, 2016

Getting stuck when writing a general hand cover letter is actually a good thing. This means that you are diligent enough not to write just anything. After all, a cover letter will decide what your employment future will look like, and if the hiring manager will be impressed enough to give you a chance to show your true professional self.

Writing a cover letter for general hand position is riddled with difficulties. What exactly to write and how to impress him into granting you an interview is not easy. But it has to be done, which is why you have to prepare well before you write one. Preparation will include not just how much you know about the job, but how you word your cover letter. Using words to impress a hiring manager is what cover letters are all about. Power words and phrases go a long way in creating an impression on the person reading your cover letter, forcing him to call you in for an interview.

It takes a lot to make a positive impact on an employer. He or she has seen hundreds (if not thousands) of impressive cover letters and the bar is usually quite high. And it is your job to reach that level so that you can win his or her favors. Here is a sample cover letter to help you along:


General Hand Cover Letter Sample


588 Stephen Street
Stratford, CT 85441

November 20, 2016

Mr. Henry Kyle
Hiring Manager
7025 Trent Street
Stratford, CT 88850


Dear Mr. Kyle:

Owing to a great combination of physical dexterity and mental agility, I am confident that my contribution as a general hand at ASARCO will be a positive one. Having worked in a similar setting for 3 years, I have successfully polished my skills in performing a variety of general tasks related to repair, maintenance and construction work.

Performing painting, routine repair, and construction and demolition of structures is my niche. Not only am I proficient in these areas, I have also been successful in assisting with completion of small renovation projects. In addition to this, my skills in operating work-related machinery and tools is excellent – heavy floor waxing machines and strippers, buffers, scrubbers, carper shampooers and pressure washers are just some of the equipment I am proficient in handling.

As part of ASCARO, I am sure that I will be able to contribute at least as much (I am aiming for more) as I have at my present place of work. For a complete list of my accomplishments as a general hand, please refer to the enclosed resume. I will be in touch with you soon to set up a mutually convenient time for an interview. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 854-5474.



Taylor Hans

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