Master Electrician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 19, 2021

The goal of every cover letter is to spark the interest of the prospective employer in the candidate’s profile.

The first paragraph of your master electrician cover letter is very crucial in this regard. This is where you can grab the reader’s attention and show them the relevance between your profile and job description provided by them.

If you have relevant experience, showcase it. If you don’t, deploy your transferrable skills to the best of your abilities. 80% of employers focus on the candidate’s skills rather than educational qualifications; all they need to know is whether or not you can deliver the job duties.

You need to convince them of your capabilities with proof, either in form of previous experience, quantified accomplishments, or core competencies.

Here is an example:

Sample Cover Letter for Master Electrician Position

Mitch Wesley
718 Crimson Avenue
Settle, WA 56443
(003) 222 – 4444
mitch . wesley @ email . com

May 19, 2021

Mr. Edward Carlson
HR Manager
ABC Company
66 Watson Square
Seattle, WA 56443

Dear Mr. Carlson:

Are you looking for a seasoned master electrician who can interpret blueprints and conduct installation and maintenance of various electrical equipment and HVAC systems? If yes, then we have a good reason to meet.

Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered solid results for my employers and their clients by demonstrating safety-oriented and cost-effective electrical equipment repair and installation skills. Some of my noteworthy professional accomplishments are showcased below for your review:

  • Reduced HVAC repair and maintenance costs by 30% per annum through the implementation of vigilant and proactive preventive maintenance SOPs.
  • Hand soldered a damaged electrical equipment component, saving the company a cost of up to $12000 in terms of machine replacement.
  • Implemented energy-saving and cost-effective power usage strategies which led to a reduction in the company’s annual operational costs by 15%.
  • Timely identified and rectified a fault in blueprint implementation, saving the client from a massive loss of cabling and installation expenses caused by short-circuiting.

I offer the same expertise and commitment to ABC Company in the capacity of a master electrician and will exercise my potential with exceptional dedication to yield similar results for your clients.

As a results-driven electrician who is an expert in electrical equipment installation, and troubleshooting, I’d like to meet you for an interview. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is enclosed for your review.


Mitch Wesley

Enc. Resume