Store Clerk Skills for Resume

Updated on: November 1, 2019

Hard work should never go to waste – it always pays off. Especially when you are trying to focus on a prospective employer’s attention to how good your ability to work is.

But it is not always as simple as pointing out that you are indeed a skilled individual. You need to back it up with evidence too.


Mentioning of skills on resumes and cover letters for store clerk is very important – almost as important as verbalizing them during the interview process.

Skills are considered the heart and soul of job searching as they encompass a variety of experiences.

If you are preparing a resume for a store clerk position, you need to identify the power words that you can use to highlight your skills.

These may include power words such as dependable, committed, adaptable, crises-resistant and results-driven. Why are these skills pertinent to a store clerk’s job?


That is easy! You have to be all of these things if you want to work successfully in a retail store environment.

As a store clerk, you will need skills that help you do the following:

• Achieve sales goals
• Overcome objection
• Initiate new contacts
• Maintain customer satisfaction

The basic idea behind writing a list of skills on your resume is to give potential employers an idea of what your capabilities are. Hence, the focus on using power words.

Here are some examples of skills that you can put on a resume for a store clerk position.

Sample Skills for Store Clerk Resume

• Track record of initiating contact with prospective customers and converting them into business-providing patrons.

• Well-versed in following sales initiatives, aimed at achieving selling targets.

• Exceptional public relation skills, targeted at ensuring excellence in customer service provision.

• Able to handle tight deadlines and work back-to-back shifts during peak hours.

• Special talent for demonstrating store products, with the aim of selling to customers what they need.

• Particularly effective in inventory control procedures, order processing, and shelves stocking, in sync with store procedures and protocols.

• Skilled in handling adverse situations involving irate customers by providing solutions to ensure customer retention.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, targeted at working harmoniously alongside peers, supervisors, and clients.

• Hands-on experience in leading store and product promotion activities, in accordance with popular marketing and promotional directives.

• Able to work well under stressful situations brought on by customer pressure or tight deadlines.

• Functional ability to use persuasive skills, aimed at focusing customers’ interest in new products and upgrades.

• Expert in handling merchandising activities, organizing store displays and working alongside marketing personnel to edict a positive image of the store.