Store Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 27, 2019

Position Overview

A store clerk is usually an entry-level and mid-career retail sales position.

They are accountable for selling products and providing excellent customer services to consumers on the floor. They usually work under the direct supervision of a store manager.


Typically, they greet customers and monitor customers regularly needs to provide them with a solution.

They also help the store in loss prevention.

Besides sales and customer service tasks, they maintain the outlook of the store and restock shelves, as well as dust, clean, sweep, and mop floors as required.

Store clerks perform some or all of the following duties.


You may select 5 to 7 phrases which are most relevant to the employer’s requirements.

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Store Clerk Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers and help them with the selection of merchandise

• Maintain knowledge of merchandise in and out of stock

• Provide advice about the type and quantity of commodity sought for purchase

• Work with computers applications and POS system

• Stock shelves and handle shopping carts

• Order and maintain floor displays

• Communicate information regarding product availability, ingredients, and nutritional information

• Answer the telephone in a pleasant and professional way

• Operate cash register

• Hanle record keeping and re-ordering systems

• Participate in counting the store’s physical inventory

• React to all concerns of customers quickly with a sense of importance

• Maintain cleanliness of the store

• Dispose of cardboard waste and trash

• Uphold predefined customer service standards

• Handle cash, change, and operate the cash register

• Ensure stock levels on the sales floor are maintained continually

• Organize merchandise pricing, signage, and coding

• Maintain freezer items at a secure and satisfactory level

• Learn various skills and assists to cover customer service


Store Clerk Educational Requirements

High school student or graduate 

Store Clerk Skills

  • Exceptional work ethic
  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal
  • Communication
  • Team Work

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