Shipping and Receiving Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 11, 2021

How you succeed professionally in a work environment through using a skill.

Skills make a vital part of a shipping and receiving resume, detailing exactly what a candidate can do, suggesting how he will be beneficial to the prospective employer if hired.

Skills are defined on many levels. Mental skills such as the ability to analyze situations and develop solutions, and physical ones, such as manual dexterity – all matter tremendously.

And if you are working in a warehouse environment, you will need an amalgamation of both to help you get through the day. But merely possessing skills is not sufficient – one has to be able to tell a prospective hirer how skilled you are and how you intend to use those skills to become a contributor to the success of his or her company.

It is the tough part. You may have spent years to polish your skills and gain additional qualifications, but if you do not know how to communicate them to a hiring authority, you may have a problem.

To counter this, dedicated skills sections on resumes are provided, so that you can quickly and articulately communicate how well-qualified you are for the job that you are applying for. The magic of words is what you need here. That is how skills can be written in shipping and receiving clerk resume.

Sample Skills for Shipping and Receiving Clerk Resume

• Adept at maintaining and organizing adequate shipping supplies to ensure smooth warehouse operations.
• Documented success in ensuring that products that need to shipped are properly labeled so that they can be delegated to the correct courier.
• Able to arrange finished products using both LIFO FIFO methodologies so that they can be accurately shipped according to company protocols.
• Proven ability to maintain reverse distribution processes and provide assistance in labeling and packaging.
• Demonstrated expertise in preparing shipping cartons according to the type and size of the shipment.
• Deep insight into following verification procedures to ensure the authenticity of received shipments.
• Track record of carefully inspecting incoming shipments for damages or discrepancies in quantities and documenting and reporting inconsistencies.
• Adept at sorting, counting, packaging, labeling, unpacking, and logging inventory of shipped and received items.
• Special talent for tracing lost shipments and clients’ claims of lost shipments by initiating proof of delivery documents and performing itinerary follow-up.
• Highly experienced in operating dollies, pallet jacks, and forklifts to load and unload supplies.