Shipping and Receiving Assistant Manager Job Description

Updated on: December 21, 2018

Shipping and receiving assistant managers usually report to a manager in a warehouse environment.

Their main work is to make sure that all shipping and receiving work within a warehouse is appropriately managed so that no bottlenecks or problems occur during the workday.

Typically, they prioritize shipping and receiving functions, which include creating a timely and accurate delivery schedule as well.

Managing the shipping and receiving team is perhaps the most challenging job that an assistant manager working in this capacity performs.

He or she is responsible for assisting the lead manager with everything – warehouse HR functions, shipping, and delivery logistics, supervision of staff, and determination of cost-effective methods of order delivery.

Successful time flow of production work, and establishing and maintaining designated work areas for warehouse workers are two of the most important aspects of working as a shipping and receiving assistant manager.


The work of a shipping and receiving manager may be quite challenging, but it does not require much in terms of formal education.

A high school diploma or an equivalent is usually sufficient to work at this position.

However, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of the inner workings of a warehouse, if this is the position that you intend to aim for.

Some of the duties associated with this work include:

Shipping and Receiving Assistant Manager Job Description

• Oversee and assist with all work processes set up in the warehouse on any typical day at work.

• Arrange for incoming and outgoing shipments to be handled according to set company rules and regulations.

• Ensure orderly and safe working conditions at all times and ensure that all safety and health protocols are being followed.

• Assure the accurate and timely shipping and receiving of all subcontract work materials and finished products.

• Establish and maintain workable and efficient inventory systems and controls for all raw and finished materials.

• Ascertain that inventory is kept current at all times and ensure timely delivery of products from factories or vendors.

• Create schedules for each warehouse employee and ensure that he or she is working towards set goals.

• Hire and train new employees and ensure that they are comfortable in the use and maintenance of equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

• Assist in preparing documents to be sent with each shipment and ensure that incoming deliveries are complete, along with associated paperwork.

• Monitor and provide for the quality assurance of finished products and ensure that delivery deadlines are met properly.