Cashier Skills Resume Sample

Updated on: December 21, 2023

A Cashier Skills Resume is a type of resume that emphasizes the transferable skills and relevant experiences of a candidate for a cashier position, rather than focusing primarily on their work history. This format is suitable for career changers and entry-level applicants who may have limited or no direct cashiering experience, but have gained applicable skills through various jobs and education. The resume typically highlights skills such as cash handling, customer service, communication, and computer proficiency, in addition to relevant work experiences and education. Here is an example of a Cashier Skills Resume:

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Cashier Skills Resume Example

 Phoenix, AZ
(000) 987-9876 
[email protected]

Seeking a Cashier position with Whole Foods Market where excellent customer service and cash handling skills can be utilized to develop the company’s efficiency.


  • Proficient in operating cash registers and handling transactions quickly and accurately
  • Strong numerical ability and basic math skills
  • Exceptional customer service and communication skills
  • Knowledge of handling exchanges and refunds
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced, high-volume environment
  • Familiarity with POS systems and handling credit/debit card transactions
  • Attention to detail in maintaining cash drawer accuracy
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills


Customer Service Assistant
IKEA – Phoenix, AZ
(Mar 2018 – May 2019)

  • Greeted an average of 50 customers per day upon entering the premise, ensuring a welcoming environment.
  • Utilized electronic cash registers to accurately and efficiently determine prices for an average of 100 goods daily.
  • Processed an average of 30 payments per day, including cash, check, credit card, and automatic debit, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in transactions.
  • Safely and effectively wrapped and arranged purchased goods in bags, maintaining an organized and customer-friendly checkout process.
  • Provided essential information to an average of 20 customers daily, contributing to high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Calculated foreign currency exchange for an average of 5 transactions per day, ensuring precision and adherence to company policies.

Bagger / Stacker
Reddy Ice – Corpus Christi, TX
(Jan 2017 – Mar 2018)

  • Expertly stacked various products onto standard pallets, averaging 50 pallets per week, ensuring efficient use of space and maintaining product integrity.
  • Assisted in checking the quality of products, contributing to the maintenance of high-quality standards for an average of 100 products daily.
  • Diligently maintained a secure work area, identifying and reporting an average of 3 possible hazards per week, contributing to a safe work environment.
  • Exhibited a commitment to cleanliness by consistently cleaning the work area and the entire facility, ensuring a hygienic and organized workspace for all staff and visitors.

Associate’s Degree in Accounting
Texas College of Accountancy, Corpus Christi, TX


  • Cashier Training Certification
  • Customer Service Excellence Award

Final Thoughts

Incorporating functional elements into your cashier skills resume can effectively highlight your abilities and expertise. By showcasing your proficiency in areas such as customer service, cash handling, and point-of-sale operations, you can position yourself as a strong candidate. Utilize this sample as a guide to create a compelling resume that underscores your functional skills and impresses potential employers.

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