Office Clerk Skills for Resume

Updated on March 10, 2018

It’s easy to know what your skills are, and how to use them in the work that you do.

The trouble is, when you’re applying for a job, your prospective employer knows nothing about them.

So you need to let them know what your skills and capabilities are, and the best way to do this is to put them on your resume.

There are many types of skills you can mention on your resume for office clerk position, which of course depends on the employer’s specific requirements.


Office Clerk Soft Skills

• Time management
• Verbal communication
• Written communication
• Self-awareness
• Stress tolerance
• Teamwork
• Self-motivation
• Flexibility
• Planning and organization
• Confidence
• Integrity

And so on. There are many more. But do remember that you can’t just put these on your resume and be done with it.

They won’t make sense this way. You will need to put these words in relevant bullet phrases and sentences. Once you do, they can become extremely powerful and build your skills clear to the prospective employer. Thay is called hard skills.

For an office clerk position, you will need to identify which skills you must add to your resume.

Uprightness, confidence, organization, teamwork and communication skills will be helpful in getting your point across and making it clear that you are the right person for the job.

Just read the job description carefully, understand what the organization needs and write your skills accordingly.


Office Clerk Hard Skills List


• In-depth knowledge of automated and manual office filing systems.

• Exceptional ability to provide data processing service as well as data input.

• Track record of dealing with visitors and directing them to the right individual or department based on the content of inquiry.

• Well-versed in typing materials correctly and quickly to smooth progress of work.

• Exceptional skills in time management to facilitate meeting tight deadlines.

• Skilled at multi-tasking, with solid ability to respond to several requests at the same time.

• Outstanding acumen to handle adverse situations before they escalate, so that the problems can be solved promptly.

• Demonstrate coordination and communication skills, aimed at ensuring outstanding service to customers.

• Familiarity with problem resolution techniques and work processes, aimed at taking requests and orders accurately to ensure ease of work.

• Fully proficient in operating computers with particular expertise in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

• Adept at handling telephone lines efficiently to give and clarify information to clients and general callers.

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