Clerical Aide Job Description

Updated on: March 27, 2019

Position Overview

The main reason companies hire clerical aides is to make sure that their clerical and administrative ends are handled properly.

A clerical aide performs many duties, such as handling filing and record-keeping tasks. Moreover, he or she is expected to ensure that the front end of the organization runs smoothly.


Position Requirements

Even though you do not need a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to be considered eligible for a clerical aide position, previous experience does count in some companies. A short internship in the past will prove to be helpful in getting you a clerical aide job.

As a clerical aide, you will be performing a wide variety of tasks. This is why it is important to be a jack of all trades.

Also, you must possess knowledge of handling correspondence and mail, as well as operating office equipment.



Since clerical aides have to be on their feet all day (figuratively speaking), they must be well-organized.

If this is the work that you want to take up, you may be interested in the following job duties:

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Clerical Aide Job Description

• Check incoming mail in order to determine recipients.

• Ensure that mail is properly and timely distributed.

• Answer as well as direct telephone calls through the PABX system.

• Take and distribute messages within the organization.

• Schedule appointments with clients.

• Perform follow-up in order to ensure that appointments are kept.

• Review files, and appropriately store them

• Create user-friendly filing systems.

• Respond to queries through emails and letters.

• Compile records, and ensure that they are properly stored.

• Entry assigned data into the office database.

• Ensure that databases are updated in a timely manner.

• Pull files from the system, upon the specific request of staff members.

• Copy and collate documents.

• Operate office equipment such as copiers, scanners, and printers.

• Perform preventative, as well as regular maintenance on office equipment.

• Handle bookkeeping activities.

• Check and compare data in order to ensure accuracy.

• Take and organize dictation for correspondence purposes.

• Gather and research information required by the management.

• Oversee inventory levels, and communicate low stock situations to the manager.

• Check invoices and make receipts.

• Oversee petty cash spending.

• Provide employees with information regarding meetings and schedules.

• Prepare and distribute memos.

• Ensure the cleanliness and neatness of all assigned areas.

• Prepare instructional materials for visitors.

• Supervise housekeeping staff in order to ensure that they work in accordance with provided instructions.


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