Post Office Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 2, 2022
Position Overview

Post office clerks perform many tasks including selling stamps, receiving parcels, and calculating shipment costs.

Since they are in constant contact with customers, it is crucial for them to possess exceptional customer service skills.

Post offices are busy places, so it is imperative for post office clerks to be able to work in a high-volume environment.

More commonly known as mail handlers, post office clerks are required to handle many physical tasks as well such as unloading sacks of incoming mail, sorting mail out, and transporting it to appropriate processing areas.

The need for detail orientation is high in this job as it is essential to ensure that the correct recipients receive the letters and parcels addressed to them.

Position Requirements

There isn’t any formal educational requirement to work as a post office clerk, but one does need to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

Some knowledge of using equipment such as electronic sorting machines is a plus point for candidates applying for this position.

Job Description for Post Office Clerk Resume

• Greet customers and receive letters and parcels from them.

• Verify recipient information on letters and packages and inform customers of any discrepancies in address.

• Maintain knowledge of cities, states, countries, and corresponding zip codes.

• Sell revenue and postage stamps, stamped envelopes, and postcards.

• Take payment for mail, stamps, and envelopes sold.

• Fill out forms for money orders and take payment against the sale.

• Ensure that each received parcel or package conforms to the safety protocols provided by the post office administration.

• Open suspicious parcels or letters to check for content.

• Report any packets or letters containing suspicious material.

• Place postage stamps on each box and letter and ensure that correct postage has been placed on incoming mail.

• Weigh parcels to determine correct postage.

• Place mail in pigeon holes according to their destination information.

• Answer customers’ questions regarding mail regulations, postage rates, and postage limitations.

• Assist customers in completing address changing forms or for lost or stolen mail.

• Store undelivered packages and letters in a safe place and mark them with the reason for return.

• Write and post circulars on the post office bulletin board for public information purposes.

• Separate letters, parcels, and magazines and transport them to appropriate sorting areas.

• Use a variety of equipment such as letter-sorting machines and OCRs to handle mail appropriately.

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