Retail Team Lead Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: March 17, 2022
Position Overview

A team lead working in a retail environment is responsible for ensuring that the retail team meets all the goals entrusted to it – along with those of the company.

Typically, a retail team lead works in a supervising, guiding, and motivating role, to ensure that team members are constantly in a “reach for the sky” mode.

Usually, a high school diploma or a general equivalence certificate is considered sufficient to work as a retail team lead. However, most team leads are experienced team members, who have shown their mettle and have moved up the job ladder.

Working as a retail team lead means that you will be leading a team of many people who have personal sales / retail goals to meet.

And you will have to make sure that they all meet them successfully.

Setting high standards and motivating the team that you are leading will be of the highest priority in your work, and you will be responsible for exceeding sales goals, building store traffic, and promoting sales, merchandising, and marketing campaigns as well.

Some experience with POS systems, a strong desire to serve customers and resolve problems, and exceptional interpersonal skills are important to possess if you want to work in this position.

And here are some duties that you will be performing in a retail team lead position:

Retail Team Lead Duties and Responsibilities

• Hire and train sales personnel to meet both self and company sales goals effectively.

• Encourage team members so that they can effectively handle challenges meted out to them on the sales floor.

• Ensure that all team members are well-equipped on sales techniques and strategies, aimed at achieving sales targets.

• Train personnel to greet customers in a friendly and warm manner by providing tips and modeling exemplary behavior.

• Mediate between team members and management personnel to resolve complaints and issues.

• Supervise team members to ensure that they are working appropriately and intervene where required.

• Create schedules for team members to follow, delegate tasks, and set achievable deadlines.

• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the sales / retail floor and provide support in handling irate or difficult to please customers.

• Recognize high performers and set and implement reward systems to motivate them.

• Ensure that customers are provided with outstanding buying experiences by ensuring that all aspects of the sales floor are properly handled.

• Assist with inventory counts and ensure that store appearance and merchandise standards are properly maintained.