Copy Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 30, 2021

The term “copy clerk” is usually used to define a position that deals with clerical tasks – with one additional duty which is mail handling.

Depending on the setting they are working in, they may be called copy clerks, clerks, or office clerks but their work remains more or less the same. Copy clerks perform essential office functions such as photocopying and handling incoming and outgoing mail.

In some organizations, copy clerks also handle financial statements and inventory. Since their input is quite valuable where the acquisition of supplies and materials are concerned, organizations depend highly on the copy clerks that they hire.

The work of a copy clerk encompasses many duties that are vital to the successful working of an organization. Because they have in-depth knowledge of many positions inside a company, they are often called upon to fill in for absentees or work overtime to handle difficult or time taking projects.

Copy clerks need to be jacks of all trades because they handle a multitude of duties in a working day. Some of their principal responsibilities include:

Copy Clerk Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Make copies of office documents and file or distribute them

• Manage filing systems and logs

• Prepare rooms for meetings and seminars

• Operate office machineries such as fax machines and copiers

• Handle incoming mail by receiving and distributing it to the correct recipients

• Ensure that all outgoing mail is appropriately handled and mailed out promptly

• Determine correct postage and keep appropriate records of mail production

• Prepare forms and ensure printing of digital media

• Manage faxing duties and contact vendors for ensuring a continuous supply of materials

• Maintain and order office supplies

• Receive incoming calls and provide appropriate information

• Route information between floors

• Maintain cleanliness of record rooms

• Restock office supplies and handle minor repairs

• Manage office equipment maintenance duties

• Ensure that all copiers and printers are stocked with paper at all times

• Manage messenger duties and fill in for absent staff members

• Assist with record-keeping activities and move furniture and equipment

• Operate jam clears on printers and copiers

• Process work orders and handle courier activities

• Replace paper and cartridges and toners

• Assist with the tax return and trial balances

• Handle clients in the absence of front desk personnel

• Manage binding activities and handle the inventory of packages and supplies

• Order business and announcement cards