Office Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated February 3, 2022
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Position Overview

Handling clerical work within an organization is of extreme importance as it is a substantial contributing factor in the smooth functioning and success of an office.

Office clerks perform many tasks such as handling correspondence, preparing reports, maintaining office files and inventory, and answering telephones.

They are also responsible for limited bookkeeping activities, taking messages, and preparing outgoing emails.

Lots of things within an office are dependent on an office clerk’s work as far as smooth operations are concerned.

They buy and arrange office supplies, collect and seal outgoing mail and distribute paperwork.

Also, they file paperwork into filing systems and perform data entry tasks to ensure the input of information in predefined company databases.

Office clerks are expected to stay in constant touch with suppliers and vendors to ensure that supplies are managed in a proper and timely manner.

Any shipment that an office receives is verified by office clerks for recipient and quantity information. An essential job of an office clerk is to compile financial records and pay bills.

Following are everyday tasks that an office clerk is expected to perform on a workday.

You can use these job description statements to build a compelling resume for the office clerk position.

Sample Duties for Office Clerk Resume

• Answer telephones and relay messages to appropriate recipients
• Manage files/folders and compile records
• Manage financial records and light bookkeeping activities
• Take dictation and perform stenographic dutie
• Greet customers and visitors and perform tier-one / first contact services
• Manage inventory of office supplies and assist in organizing office activities
• Prepare coffee and snacks for office staff
• Scan incoming mail for recipient information
• Handle outgoing mail by sealing envelopes and placing stamps
• Retrieve files on demand
• Manage travel and accommodation arrangements for staff
• Assist in preparing payrolls
• Mail bills and pay utility bills
• Proofread records and reports for accuracy
• Type and edit correspondence
• Prepare carrier packages for UPS and Federal Express
• Perform document photocopying and paperwork distribution tasks
• Act as a receptionist or front desk officer when required
• Transport materials and supplied between departments
• Ensure management of minor repairs to the office
• Assist in managing accurate billing and petty cash
• Create and maintain meaningful liaison with vendors and suppliers
• Run errands for office staff
• Maintain office equipment such as copiers and printers