Mail Clerk Skills for Resume

Updated September 15, 2019

Mail Clerk Skills Page ImageIf you are applying for a mail clerk position, you must mention what skills you have to offer when writing a cover letter, and a resume.

As a mail clerk, your primary skill will be, how well you can organize things.


Since you will be receiving a lot of letters and packages, it is crucial for hiring managers to know how easily and quickly you can manage the work.

Additionally, your skills in maintaining logs of postage charges and receipt forms must be highlighted in your job application documents.

While working as a mail clerk, you will be tested on the many ways in which you can handle the work.

In order for you to convince the hiring manager to hire you for this position, you have to build a list of skills that you can offer. 



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Mail Clerk Skills for Resume

• Expert in receiving and sorting incoming mail

• Ability to collate mail in accordance with set procedures and regulations

• Effectively able to place mail in appropriate areas for proper distribution

• Unmatched ability to date and stamp all incoming mail

• Exceptionally talented in sorting mail such as returned letters and packages

• Proven ability to receive outgoing mail, and ensure that correct postage is affixed

• Solid track record of folding letters and circulars and inserting them in pre-addressed envelops

• Deeply familiar with using mail weighing equipment and machines in order to determine the correct weight of letters and packages

• Competent in signing for incoming registered mail

• Well-versed in making arrangements for express deliveries as instructed by supervisors

• Qualified to track mailroom supplies such as stamps, envelopes, and address labels

• Proficient in ensuring proper labeling and packaging for outgoing mail

• Adept at creating and maintaining detailed records of inkling packages, such as dimensions and weight

• Experienced in delivering mail to couriers in a timely manner

• Exceptional skills in arranging for insurance coverage for assigned mail

• Familiar with completing forms regarding address changes, or theft or loss of mail

• Skilled in greeting customers and responding to their specific queries and complaints

• Able to cash money orders, and execute other post office financial transactions

• Expert at putting undelivered parcels away, and retrieving them when claims are made

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