Mailroom Clerk Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: January 2, 2021
Mailroom Clerk Job Description

Mailroom clerks are employed by organizations that typically contain a vast number of employees.

They may work in government offices or a private capacity where they are expected to perform mail sorting duties.

This work is usually conducted behind the scenes and is mostly overlooked, but this personnel performs the most critical function.

Generally, mailroom clerks receive and sort mail and then disseminate it to the right individual or department. They are also responsible for ensuring that they keep records of mail that they receive. They also perform clerical tasks such as data entry and filing.

When applying for a mailroom clerk position, you must ensure that you know all that this position entails.

The following is a list of job duties that a mailroom clerk is expected to perform. These statements will also be helpful for you to make a resume for the Mailroom Clerk job.

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Mailroom Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

• Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts

• Distribute mail to appropriate recipients or departments

• Maintain the record of incoming mail

• Ensure delivery of outgoing mails to courier or post office

• Assist with payroll checking and accounts payable printing and distribution

• Provide support in picking and packing promotional material

• Assemble inventory kits and support periodical inventory count

• Count and record inventory items

• Assist in filing and archiving documents

• Perform data entry activities

• Maintain adequate mailroom supplies

• Check postal rates and weigh outgoing mail

• Post shipping labels on packages

• Complete shipping forms

• Arrange for courier services to deliver packages

• Replenish supply of post office forms

• Record postage meter readings on a daily basis

• Purchase postage and ensure postage supply

Mailroom Clerk Skills and Abilities

The job of a mailroom clerk is perfect for someone who likes working with hands.

The ability to read and analyze information is a skill that an employer looks for especially when hiring mailroom clerks.

Mailroom clerks are expected to possess basic mathematical skills as they are often required to complete adding and subtracting functions.

A technology-savvy mailroom clerk can go a long way in this position.

Mailroom Clerk Education Requirements

While there is no formal educational criterion for applying for this position, it is recommended that the applicant possesses at least a high school diploma.