Pet sitting is an entry level job and hundreds of students are on the lookout for such positions almost throughout the year. Securing a job as a pet sitter is becoming difficult because of growing competition. A pet sitting resume doesn’t need many sections, it just needs to highlight the typical animal care and communication skills.

However, the critical part in a resume for pet sitting position is to write a really catchy and impressive objective statement. There are many ways to build an objective. The correct type of objective has to be decided upon after a lot of considerations regarding the job description and requirements listed by the hiring authority.

Following are some sample objectives for the position of pet sitting.

Sample Objectives for Pet Sitting Resume

If your resume is written for any general pet sitting position, just mention your love for animals and desire to attain a pet sitting job. For example:

• Energetic individual seeking a position as a pet sitter. Eager to take care of animals with genuine love through handling all feeding, cleaning, exercising and entertainment needs.

If your resume is written for a target job and you know what pet the employer needs to be taken care of, go ahead and mention it! For example, here is an objective statement to go in the resume if the pet that needs sitting is a hamster:

• Seeking a pet sitting position at ABC company’s hamster department. Enthusiastic to spend time with hamsters that require play, cleaning and feeding in order to ensure affectionate delivery of proper care, fun-activity and company they deserve.

Most pet sitting positions with dogs demand a pet sitter who is also willing to walk dogs. Here is an objective statement, designed specifically for a dog walker’s resume:

• To obtain a challenging position as a dog walker utilizing genuine love for dogs, skills in dog training and exercising while delivering the best results in feeding, cleaning and bathing.

Sometimes pet owners are not looking for general pet sitting. Instead, they need special care for a sick pet. When applying for this kind of job, your objective could be something like this:

• Looking for a pet sitting job at Mr. John’s house. Bringing expertise in handling the pet during the training process. Able to deliver the basic care activities effectively; feeding, exercising and cleaning with extra care and affection, and instilling a will in the pet to recover quickly.

Keep in mind, an objective statement is of foremost importance in any resume, therefore craft it smartly!