School Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 17, 2020

In order to fill the position of a school cleaner, hiring managers usually seek applicants who are punctual, possess good organizational skills, and great cleaning and sanitation expertise.

An environment that is hygienic and safe is crucial for school premises, and all of these elements will be of utmost significance for the employers.

The following school cleaner cover letter sample will guide you through the process of creating a letter that will help you stand out. Also, it will show your ability to perform the school cleaning tasks. This kind of letter will ensure that your job application package does not lose in the pile.

School Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

William Vance
(000) 986-9295
william @ email . com

August 17, 2020

Mr. Charles Peters
Public Relations & Admission Officer
Nottingham High School
Waverley Mount
Nottingham, IL 58454

Dear Mr. Hopkins:

I am writing to apply for the position of School Cleaner at Nottingham High School. Owing to my relevant experience and cleaning acumen, I am confident that I can effectively create a hygienic, healthy, and sanitized environment for children and staff.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I have extensive experience in sanitation, polishing, disinfecting, minor electrical repair work, and replenishing cleaning chemicals and tools.

Besides that, my ability to cultivate strong and productive relationships with colleagues and the school staff proved as a catalyst to the overall cleanliness of the school. This led to the completion of duties fulfilled with great care and commitment. Particularly, I am adept at waste disposal, grounds maintenance, furniture arrangement, and floor disinfection on a regular basis.

I am positive that my skills and abilities make me an exceptional candidate for this position. I look forward to meeting you and discussing my cleaning and housekeeping skills in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


William Vance

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