Resignation Letter Due to Illness or Medical Reasons

Updated on: November 1, 2019

Do you think it is alright not to write a resignation letter because you have already informed your supervisor about your illness and intent to leave?

Wrong! Writing a resignation letter is essential, even if you have verbally informed your boss.


A resignation letter is not just the right thing to do – it is something that office procedures and protocols dictate that we do as good employees.

As a matter of fact, a resignation letter eventually becomes the basis of how you will be perceived when it comes to issuing a reference letter or considering you for future employment.

Agreed that resignation letters can be extremely jarring to write.

But since there are no two ways about it, let us try to make it a little easier for you. Let us first figure out what goes in a resignation letter:


• Your intent to leave a specific position in the company.
• The notice period, in accordance with your employment contract or company terms.
• Some niceties about the time that you have spent at the company.
• A final goodbye, detailing that you will contact the employer to collect your outstanding dues soon.

There! Isn’t it simple? Not sold yet? Well, read on for a sample resignation letter due to illness or medical reasons, written to a supervisor.

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Resignation Letter Due to Illness / Medical Reasons


Mathew Fork
(000) 000-9987

November 1, 2019

Mr. Ronald McCain
Human Resource Manager
Mediacom Communications Corporation
91 Park Street
La Conner, WA 88112


Dear Mr. McCain:

I am writing to tender my resignation from my position as a Human Resource Officer for Mediacom Communications Corporation. Please note that November 15 will be my last day at work. This time is in line with my contract that dictates a 2-weeks’ notice.

My decision to resign is probably the hardest thing I have done. In May, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia – a debilitating condition that has kept me from working as well as I could have under normal circumstances. My work has severely suffered due to my inability to work productively for more than 4 hours a day. I am on medication that makes it hard for me to keep my eyes open. It is a terrible dilemma that I am going through both professionally and personally, and I can no longer let it affect the company.

I have already made preparations to hand over my work to whomever you feel is ready to replace me. I would like to thank you for being not just a supervisor, but a mentor who has taught me all that I know. If circumstances are favorable in the future, I would love to work with you again.


Sincere regards,

Mathew Fork
Human Resources Officer
(000) 000-9987
Ext: 6521