Top 10 Cleaner Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 29, 2020
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If you are in the process of making a cleaner resume or CV, then you should think about adding a compelling objective statement to grab the employer’s eye.

It is important to note that you have to start your resume with a tailored career objective. This is especially true if you have less or no experience in hand, or changing your career path.

What is the Purpose of a Cleaner Objective Statement?

The primary purpose of a cleaner resume objective is to highlight your ambition at the very beginning of the resume. This statement summarizes your qualifications while focusing on the fact of why and how you are the perfect candidate for the position.

As a matter of fact, an objective shows your passion to work for a specific employer while mentioning some of your cleaning competencies.

View the following objectives examples to get a better idea of how to craft an objective for a cleaner resume.

Best 10 Sample Career Objectives for a Cleaner Resume

1. Uniquely qualified Cleaner, eager to contribute to the success of CVS. Leveraging proficiencies in using cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment to surpass the expectations of employers again and again.

2. To obtain a Cleaning position at McDonald’s where excellent cleaning skills, public health training, and 5+ years housekeeping experience will be fully utilized to maintain a clean and orderly environment.

3. Results-oriented professional looking for a Cleaner position at Community Health. Bringing a successful record in performing and cleaning and maintenance tasks while providing exceptional customer service. Strong attention to detail and good hand-eye coordination. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

4. Seeking a position as a Cleaner with AAA Company utilizing exceptional residential and commercial cleaning skills to create a better environment for employees and visitors. Track record of executing orders in a timely manner.

5. To work for Texas Hospital as a Cleaner where skills in mopping, wiping and dusting can be utilized to maximize the organization’s effectiveness. Well versed in using cleaning chemicals in a safe way. Positive “can do” attitude with the ability to take and follow instructions.

6. Energetic and self-motivated Cleaner seeking a position at XYZ Cleaners. Bringing expertise in domestic and commercial cleaning, along with a genuine passion to create a sanitized environment. Repeated record of success in exceeding the employers’ expectations.

7. To leverage my 4+ years of cleaning experience, along with strong communication and customer service skills, into a Cleaner role with Tesco. Able to maintain professionalism in conduct and service delivery.

8. Experienced commercial Cleaner, familiar with cleaning tools, chemicals, and commercial cleaning protocols, seeking a Cleaner position at ABC Company. Offers expertise in custodian tasks and knowledge in sanitation techniques to create a neat and clean environment.

9. Talented and dependable Cleaner seeking work with XYZ Company where the ability to maintain high standards of sanitation and proficiency in cleanliness tasks will be fully utilized.

10. A trustworthy individual with extensive cleaning experience, seeking to leverage my talents for AA Company. Bringing expertise in using modern cleaning tools and supplies to maintain high sanitation standards on the assigned premises.

What do employers expect in a Cleaner Objective Statement?

Employers like to see how can you contribute to their success, rather than what you are expecting from them. Therefore, make sure that the competencies you mention in the objective statement are the ones they are looking for. You can find the cleaning job requirements in the cleaner job description provided by the employer.

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