School Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on March 11, 2019

The classic questions akin to ‘why do you want to work for us and what makes you a good fit for this position’ are still asked in many interviews for a school cleaner position.

But these questions do not make an interview easy. Actually, the fact that these questions are still asked is a matter of concern. Why?

Well, interviewers may ask run-of-the-mill questions even now but they are not looking for run-of-the-mill answers anymore.

They want candidates to provide diverse answers now – answers that have the wow factor.

So these seemingly ordinary questions should be something to worry about when you prepare for an interview.

If you have been asked why you want to work for a company, an expected answer would be something along the lines of your company is great, its vision is in sync with mine or I want to work in a professional environment such as that of your organization.

Do you see that the company is the focus of attention here?

Yes, that is what interviewers are looking for. Call them vain if you like but praise (somewhat subtle) is what these interview questions are all about.

How does one prepare to answer these questions then?

The preparation is in knowing the exact job description.

If you are aware of all that you could be asked to do in a position, you have the interview nailed.

Here are some interview questions (and answers) that you might come across when you appear for a school cleaner interview:

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School Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

How is custodial work different in a school as compared to an office?

While the essence of custodial work remains the same no matter which organization one works for, working in a school requires one to be a little more efficient.

With so many students, there is bound to be a constant need for cleaning. Also, one needs to be continually on the lookout for possible dangers that students might face – such as spills, wet floor, and debris – that have the potential to hurt them.

Why did you opt to work as a cleaner?

As someone who has an OCB for cleanliness, working as a cleaner came naturally. I figured that I did not enjoy anything more than a clean floor and sparkling walls, so this became my calling.

How savvy are you in using tools of the trade?

Owing to the 10 years of cleaning experience that I have under my belt, I am trained in using equipment such as vacuum cleaners, dust busters, mops, and brushes efficiently.

I am also knowledgeable about mixing the right amount of chemical agents for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

How do you feel about doing repetitive work? How do you cope with the monotony?

I took work in a round-robin fashion in my stride when I decided to make custodial work a career. I do not deny that monotonous moments do come in. When they do, I think of the end result and hum a tune!

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