Light Duty Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated: August 15, 2015

The cover letter writing mantra is not anything new to us. We have been writing cover letters since the first time we applied for a job. What is new is the type of cover letters that are now globally accepted. And believe us, they are nothing like the first cover letter you wrote!

Times have changed and with it, so has cleaner cover letter writing formats. What was once acceptable is looked down upon now. Writing something akin to, your newspaper ad says that you are looking for a light duty cleaner just doesn’t cut it anymore. Writing content in a cover letter is now more challenging than ever. New age employers want new age application letters. Dull and boring ones do not see the light of the day, even if the writer has put in a lot of effort.

Go back to the old days when you wrote your first cover letter and think I cannot write this anymore. Write completely differently this time around. Okay, so we have concentrated on writing “differently” here but what is different after all? What is different is when you write something that is designed to knock the socks off the feet of the reader! Even if it is a little tongue in cheek – something which was certainly not accepted all those years ago.


Light Duty Cleaner Cover Letter Sample


Lydia Mason
3525 U. Pine Street
Fort Clinton, OH 2030
(000) 141-7411
Lydia @ email . com

August 15, 2015

Ms. Bianca James
Manager Human Resource
Corby Cleaning
389 Perry Street
Fort Clinton, OH 22838


Dear Ms. James:

Property cleaning and maintenance has been my way of life for over a decade now, and I enjoy working as a light duty cleaner more than doing anything else. Boasting of a solid track record of handling cleaning duties in large companies, corporate and residential buildings and schools, I believe I am at par with your requirements for a light duty cleaner.

Contrary to the impression that this designation gives off, light cleaning is hardly part of my work. Since I believe in doing a job well, I work thoroughly even where hard work may not be required. By looking through a couple of my achievements, you will be able to gauge my work style:

• Invented a herbal cleaning agent to be used as part of school cleaning procedures, which decreased chances of chemical harm to students
• Singlehandedly cleaned and sanitized an entire residential wing, consisting of 10 apartments within record time for its opening

Achievements are seldom brought about without dedication and I am positive that you now have some inkling of my dedication to my work. But I would like to build up on it by meeting with you personally. I will be in touch with you so that we can set a mutually agreeable time to meet. In the interim, I can be contacted at (000) 141-7411.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Lydia Mason

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