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Updated on: February 24, 2023
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Pool cleaning is a technical job, which is why employers often seek certified pool cleaners to ensure proper maintenance of their swimming pools and spas.

In order to apply for a pool cleaning job, you will need to write a resume as well as a cover letter.

How to Write a Good Resume for Pool Cleaning Job?

We have outlined some tips below that will aid you in the process of resume writing for a pool cleaner position:

  1. Keep the length of your resume to one page with an easy-to-read layout.
  2. Do not use any slang or jargon.
  3. Mention your current contact number and email ID.
  4. Focus on a few accomplishments from previous jobs to communicate your capacity.
  5. Give more space to the experience and achievements sections as compared to the educational section.
  6. If you have relevant certification, make sure you highlight it.

The following is a professional pool cleaner resume sample for your guidance.

Sample Resume for Pool Cleaner Position

Lucas Kendrick
Novato, CA 67222
(000) 652-5241
lucas @ email . com


A detail-oriented and safety-centered perfectionist with 6+ years of experience in pool cleaning and maintenance. Well practiced in hosing down pool and spa areas, and cleaning the showers, and pool furniture. Adept at keeping the swimming pool visually appealing, sanitized, and chlorinated.


  • Substantial knowledge of safe usage of various pool cleaning chemicals.
  • Effective in the physical evaluation of the interior of the pool valves and drain.
  • Full command of the maintenance of safety equipment, deck, and board inspection.

Debris Removal | Chlorination
Drain Cleaning | Interior Scrubbing
Valve Maintenance | Equipment Maintenance
Sanitation | Acid Wash
Filter Replacement | Safety Assurance
Quality Checks | Spa Operations


Pool Cleaner
8/2018 – Present

  • Introduced modern water testing kits that elevated the quality of water sanitation by 40%.
  • Repaired pump strainers and sand filters by timely identifying malfunctioning parts, saving the company from a $5k replacement cost.
  • Inspect the pool area and make sure all valves, lights, and drains are functioning properly.
  • Change water, clean shower jets, and sanitize the water regularly
  • Place all the swimming equipment in place.
  • Maintain a visually appealing, neat, and clean swimming pool and spa area.

Pool Cleaning Helper
YMCA, Novato, CA
3/2011 – 7/2018

  • Wrote a 20-page safety manual for the safety of clients and pool staff.
  • Sanitized the pool on a daily basis and physically removed any debris by draining the pool.
  • Ensured the optimum amount of chlorine in the water.
  • Cleaned the pool and its surrounding area on a daily basis.

H.S. Diploma
ABC SchoolT, Novato, CA

Lucas has a strong ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions regarding pool maintenance tasks …
– John Doe, Pool Manager, MARRIOTT INT’L, Novato, CA

Pool Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check pools for dirt and debris on a daily basis and use specialized equipment to extract both.
  • Drain pools on a weekly basis to perform cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Backwash the pool water filters every day to keep the pool clean.
  • Check the chemistry of the pool and chlorinate the pool if required.
  • Scrub pool floors and walls using sponges, soap, and chemicals.
  • Perform vacuuming activities in hard-to-reach places inside the pool.
  • Clean and disinfect drain pipes to make certain that no clogs are apparent.
  • Empty pool traps and filters and replace either or both in case of wear and tear or malfunction.
  • Fill the pool with water after maintenance activities have been performed and check for appropriate pool chemistry.
  • Mix chemicals in appropriate quantities and pour the concoction into pools.
  • Maintain pool water levels by checking gauges.
  • Perform maintenance work on areas around the pool such as the deck and the shower stands.
  • Perform minor fixture adjustments and repairs around the pool.
  • Supervise extensive repair work being performed in the pool or around it.
  • Store pool equipment and tools in a proper manner.
  • Perform maintenance work on hot tubs and Jacuzzis.
  • Check pool filtration motors and equipment regularly.
  • Buy needed pool maintenance supplies as needed and assure safe storage of cleaning chemicals and tools.

Additional Responsibilities

Pool cleaners are not only required to perform maintenance work on swimming pools. They are often called upon to handle maintenance issues on Jacuzzi and hot tubs.

Pool Cleaner and Technician Job Requirements

Basic requirements to work as a pool cleaner include possessing a high school diploma or a GED.

Good attention to detail and knowledge of safe cleaning techniques is also required.

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