Pool Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on November 7, 2014

Resume experts believe that a good cover letter enhances the chances of your resume being read by many times since it introduces you to prospective employers. It is therefore highly advisable to include a cover letter in every job application you send. Below are some carefully chalked out contemporary cover letter writing guidelines.

• Make sure your cover letter for poll cleaner position is aligned with the specific job advertisement. Read the ad carefully and then draft your letter to communicate what you offer while considering the employer’s requirements.

• Instill some personality. Make your letter unique to show the employers what makes you better than the other candidates.

• Research the employing organization and find out about them. Now try to talk to them in their language and tone so they feel that you will easily settle in at the workplace.

Have a look at the pool cleaner cover letter sample given below.

Pool Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

November 7, 2014

Mr. Jim Carter
HR Manager
HEALTHTRAX Fitness Centre
680 Church Lane
Apopka, FL 32032


Dear Mr. Carter:

I am very interested in your position of swimming pool cleaner as advertised on your website.

My enclosed resume reflects both my 6+ years of experience as a pool attendant and my proven expertise in swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness. If you can use the services of a certified and well qualified pool cleaner, familiar with environment friendly chemical cleaning and water sanitation procedures, I am definitely your ideal candidate.

Maintaining the pool in a visually pleasing condition, cleaning the drainage regularly and ensuring proper functioning of valves are my specialties. In addition, I am highly knowledgeable of green ways for water sanitization and pool base acid bathing. A proactive thinker and a security minded professional, I am also proficient in examining and evaluating the condition of pool side equipment including the boards and floaters. Throughout my pool cleaning experience I have been commended for my unique skill set and ability to identify and resolve technical problems in the interior pool equipment before they occur.

I would like to request a meeting with you which will enable me to demonstrate that along with experience I have the technical knowhow and skills it takes to succeed as a swimming pool cleaner. If you wish to indulge your customers in refreshing and hygienic swimming experiences, please call me at (004) 333 – 5555 without further delay. I shall also be following up this application coming Thursday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nicolas Samuel

Attached: Resume