Pool Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 23, 2019

Pool Cleaner Cover Letter Tips

• Make sure your cover letter for a pool cleaner position is aligned with the needs of the employer.

• Read the ad carefully and then draft your letter to write about what you offer.


• Make your letter unique to show the employers what makes you better than the other candidates.

• Research the employer and find out more about them. Try to use the keywords provided in the job description.

Have a look at the pool cleaner cover letter sample given below.

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Pool Cleaner Cover Letter Sample



March 23, 2019

Mr. Jim Carter
HR Manager
AA Fitness Centre
680 Church Lane
Apopka, FL 32032


Dear Mr. Carter:

I am very interested in your position of swimming pool cleaner at AA Fitness Centre, as advertised on your website. As a certified and well-qualified pool cleaner, who is familiar with environment-friendly chemical cleaning and water sanitation procedures, I will be a good addition to your pool cleaning team.

My enclosed resume reflects both my 6+ years of experience and my expertise in swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness. 

Maintaining the pool in a visually pleasing condition, cleaning the drainage regularly and ensuring proper functioning of valves are my specialties. In addition, I am highly knowledgeable of greenways for water sanitization and pool base acid bathing.

A proactive thinker and a security-minded professional, I am also proficient in examining and evaluating the condition of poolside equipment including the boards and floaters. Throughout my pool cleaning career, I have been commended for my unique skill set and ability to identify and resolve technical problems in the interior pool equipment before they occur.

I would like to meet with you in order to demonstrate my technical know-how and skills that will make a successful swimming pool cleaner. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nicolas Samuel

Attached: Resume

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