Residential Cleaner Resume Sample & Job Description

Updated on: March 10, 2023

Residential cleaners work in private homes, residential buildings, and companies that outsource their services for private deals.

They perform the cleaning and maintenance needs of small and big houses and large residential buildings.

Mostly, an outsourcing agent or company will hire and train a residential cleaner to handle cleaning jobs in different atmospheres.

The following resume sample for a residential cleaner position will help you figure out what a well-written resume looks like:

Sample Resume for Residential Cleaner Position

Ray Dodge
 Cary, NC
(000) 144-7487 @ email . com


Reliable and disciplined Residential Cleaner with over 5 years of experience in cleaning and maintaining private houses and residential buildings. Solid track record of efficiently sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming with a special focus on premises sanitation. Well-versed in:
• Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, halls, and rooms
• Deep cleaning carpeted and non-carpeted areas and soft furnishings
• Storing linen and handling laundry activities associated with linen washing and pressing
• Operating cleaning equipment such as washing machines and vacuums

– Building Security – Sanitization
– Waste Disposal – Dishwashing
– Recycling – Supplies Inventory
– Meal Preparation – Routine Inspection
– Heavy Cleansing – Repair and Maintenance
– Equipment Maintenance – Errands running

• Cleaned and sanitized a 43-apartment building within 5 days, in time for its reopening to the public
• Devised a unique waste disposal method that increased the efficiency of disposing of garbage by 39%
• Led a recycling drive, resulting in the successful recycling of 76% of the town’s waste
• Trained 35 residential cleaners in handling sanitization and cleaning activities, as part of their induction program


Residential Cleaner
Elite Cleaning, Cary, NC
6/2021 – Present
• Sweep and mop surfaces in rooms, kitchens, and hallways and ensure that every nook and cranny is covered
• Clean bathrooms, and wash and disinfect them
• Replenish supplies such as shampoo, soap, and towels
• Empty wastepaper baskets and ensure that waste disposal is carried out properly
• Clean kitchen counters and equipment such as fridges and microwaves and perform preventative maintenance on them

Domestic Cleaner
Private Capacity, Cary, NC
5/2018 – 6/2021
• Changed linen and ensured that soiled or dirty linen is washed, ironed, and stored properly
• Purchased groceries, paid household bills, and ran errands for homeowners
• Maintained inventory of supplies such as groceries and cleaning materials
• Polished silver accessories and metalwork including furnishings and fixtures

Katrina’s Cleaning, Cary, NC
1/2013 – 5/2018
• Assisted in cleaning surfaces by performing sweeping and mopping duties
• Dusted furniture and fixtures and polished silverware and brassware
• Mixed cleaning chemicals in safe quantities and ensure that they are used safely
• Carried linen to the washing areas and assisted in washing them by safely operating washing machines
• Ran errands such as grocery shopping and bill paying and ensured that all receipts were handed to homeowners

High School Diploma – 2002
Cary Public Schools, Cary, NC

Residential Cleaner Job Description for Resume

  • Sweep and mop floors in hallways, lobbies, rooms, and kitchens
  • Vacuum carpets and drapes and ensure that they are shampooed occasionally
  • Empty ashtrays and wastepaper baskets and ensure that all trash is disposed of properly
  • Separate recyclable objects from the trash before disposing of them and ensure that these objects are sent to the recycling plant
  • Operate washing machines and dryers to wash linen and clothes and perform ironing and folding duties
  • Replenish supplies such as towels, paper towels, soap, and shampoos in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Clean and maintain kitchen equipment including grills, fryers, fridges, and dishwasher
  • Wash dishes or operate the dishwasher to clean dishes and ensure that all tableware is safely stored
  • Maintain inventory of household supplies such as cleaning agents, linen, and groceries
  • Run errands such as paying household bills or shopping for groceries at the specific request of homeowners
  • Dust and polish furniture and fixtures and wax and polish floors on a periodic basis
  • Remove debris from driveways and parking areas and handle maintenance issues such as light bulb replacing and wire fixing

Education and Skills

A high school diploma or an equivalent is sufficient to work as a residential cleaner. If you have had experience working in this role, you may be considered a good choice to hire, as you will require minimal training by the employer. Since this work requires you to perform a lot of physically demanding work, it is necessary that you are strong and can work on your feet for long periods of time. Knowledge of operating and maintaining cleaning equipment such as vacuums and dishwashers is important to qualify for this position.

As a residential cleaner, you may be asked to do other things that have nothing to do with cleaning.

Running errands such as paying bills and doing grocery shopping is part of the job description of a residential cleaner.