Building Maintenance Manager Resume Sample

Updated November 1, 2018

A building maintenance manager resume should possess information that is specific to duties, skills, and achievements.

In this manner, the recruiter will be able to decipher what the applicant is capable of specifically.

At the same time, the resume should be impressive to read.

Your resume should include what makes you a great person to hire as a building maintenance manager.

It must highlight your leadership skills, as well as your experience of managing building maintenance work in many areas.

Here is a resume sample for a building maintenance manager that will help you stand out from your competition:




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Building Maintenance Manager Resume Sample



Lionel Richard
647 Logan Road, Stowe, VT37824
(000) 999-9999


Highly experienced and resourceful Building Maintenance Manager with over 13+ years of successful track record. Talented in overseeing building maintenance operations while adhering to safety protocols. Ability to implement maintenance procedures according to the specified instructions.


HVAC Systems Budgeting Building Security
Preventative Maintenance Standards Compliance Manpower Oversight
Training Needs Assessment Accident Prevention
Interior Maintenance Emergency Management Supervision

• Implemented a preventative maintenance system, hence decreased breakdown costs by $5000 per month.
• Introduced a series of building security systems which led to a considerable fall in break-ins.
• Explicitly overhauled a major part of the HVAC system that increased efficiency by 50%.
• Devised a unique staff training system, which was considered 50% more effective than the previous one.


Building Maintenance Manager
Simpson Housing, Stowe, VT              2011-present
• Develop maintenance strategies in order to keep building operations running smoothly.
• Perform inspections to identify problems and resolve them.
• Oversee the function of electrical and hydraulic systems lest they result in downtime.
• Delegate work to custodians, janitors, and repair workmen on a daily basis.
• Plan, organize and supervise maintenance and repairs performed by the building staff.
• Evaluate staff performance while providing mentoring and guidance.
• Inspect buildings for cleanliness as well as security concerns.
• Respond to members’ complaints in order to ensure their comfort and safety.

Building Maintenance Assistant Manager
Little City Housing, Stowe, VT           2005-2011
• Contributed to the creation and implementation of best practices in maintenance.
• Developed preventative maintenance plans in order to reduce breakdown incidents.
• Managed team members while providing them with required direction.
• Optimized maintenance equipment so as to keep it updated.
• Ensured routine inspections of premises, both inside and outside.

High School Diploma
Stowe High School, Stowe, VT

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